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    Hi all,

    I watched an interesting video yesterday from Xtreme Gaming Cabinets titled “Can’t Break our Pinball Machines.  Bullet Proof”.  He demonstrates going into the file directories, deliberately deleting key folders and .exe files, and even emptying the recycle bin so they’re fully gone.  As a result, of course, the tables don’t work, many of the wheel graphics were missing, etc.  Essentially, he “broke” the machine as he puts it.  Then upon re-boot everything is automatically restored.

    He does mention that there are different drives with different partitions, and some are “frozen” directories which cannot be deleted (which is where the reboot files would come from) and others are “unfrozen” which are the parts that can be broken.  I found it to be an interesting concept in any case.

    Any thoughts on this, and whether it would/should be a good thing to configure for a cab?  Thanks!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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