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    I was wondering if anyone is using an uninterrupted power supply with their cabinets to protect Windows for a shutdown?  Brands like APC provide software to know when the power is cut to tell Windows to shutdown properly, plus provides a grace period (due to the battery) before fully cutting the power.

    Today, my arcade machines and traditional pinball table are turned on/off with a power strip and I’m concerned my kids may turn off the Visual Pinball cabinet this way (without shutting down properly) and mess it up…

    I’m just wondering if anyone does this today and if there are any issues with the app that needs to run on the machine which may affect VP…



    As I continue to think about this, the uninterrupted power supply would continue to run the screens and internal power supplies until the battery drained I guess…but Windows would have shutdown properly…


    UPS’s does normally a more important job for you pin than to shut it down cleanly. One of the best reasons for investing in a UPS is to take the shock from a lightning or a mistake coming from the power grid and in some cases giving you “cleaner” power (less spikes). VP in itself, isn’t really that much prone to fuck it up though. Loosing data all depends on data being written to disk as the power outage happens. If you’re not @bord, or any author, often accessing the disk, writing “critical” data, you are not that much of a risk as a regular player. What most people do is to load up a table to memory and run it. Of course, you write to disk too, when you save nvram etc. But, in most cases, “players” will be on the safe side if you look at only the normal use. I don’t own a UPS for my pin. I do take regular backups of the machine. I know that I’m in the risk from the cases I’ve mentioned. There is no doubt, you are safer using a UPS, but, you should also me quite OK if you don’t – and accept that some day you hardware might get fried, not investing.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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