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    So this is what virtual pinball leads to.  Star Trek is one of my favorite virtual tables to play so when i had the chance i bought one.  330 plays on it, still looks like new, guaranteed there will be some modding in it’s future.  As much as i enjoy virtual pinball, it is hard to compare to the real thing.  That said without playing these great recreations in visual pinball, i would not of bought a real machine


    Congratulations!!  I’m soooo jelly! :)


    CONGRATULATIONS this is an awesome table! I like it and I already played it often. Wish I had one here too :-)
    I always say Virtual Pinball is not against real Pinball, but it can sell real pinball tables to people who probably never would buy one.


    Very nice!

    Currently playing around with FP to VP conversions. Nothing serious just trying to have fun.

     Paulo Carvalho 

    Great pin choice. I love mine. I have these mods on mine:

    1. Shaker
    2. Bird of Prey (has a light that flashes when you hit the spinner)
    3. In-lane and magnet protectors from cliffy
    4. Modified rom with StarTrek music

    I think that’s. It’s a tough Pin to finish, but very fast to play a quick game.

    [Paulo Carvalho Mobile - 204-294-4389]
    "Life is like pinball, your always trying to keep your balls in play, but in the end, they drop down the middle :)"

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    Drool…. I wish I had the space for additional cabs. Star Trek is a beauty, congratz!

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    THIS would be my choice, too, if I bought a real PB. Congratulations!

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    Thanks guys, sad to say I’m kind of like a proud parent to this machine.  The post was a little bit of bragging, a lot of my way of saying thanks to everyone involved in making Visual Pinball Tables, and all the other great pieces that go with it.  Without you guys I would of never bought a real machine like this.

    @Paulo I already have the song modded rom, shaker motor is on order, going to cut some pinblades for myself, have a custom Acrylic topper in the works.  I was looking at the inlane protectors and a few other parts down the road.  Oh and I am on the waiting list for the Vengeance Color mod from ? on Pinside


    Very cool.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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