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    Hey guys! My first post here, so first of all a big thank you to you all for assets, guides, tips etc!

    So this is my DIY frankensteined 32″ VP cab. (Iv built a couple of MAME cabs, but this is my first time messing with VP.)

    The cabs made of Valchromat 12mm wood, which I drew in Ilustrator and cutted the parts with CNC.

    It houses a 32″ fhd Samsung tv for playfield, a imac 21,5″ as the backbox/computer-brain (Bootcamp Win10)

    All buttons wired to a Zero Delay  Usb PCB. Most of the buttons I had laying around, some I got from a Bingomachine mechanic at work :)

    Random RGB lights here and there, & the (temporary) legs are from Ikea.

    Most of the vinyl layout are from Iron Maidens Legacy Of The Beast promo material, that I messed with in Photoshop.

    As of now Im running PinballX, VPX, MAME and Pinball FX3.  Thanks for looking!

    (Its still a WIP, I want to switch out the backbox, the legs, get a 4K screen, a dedicated *monster* PC built in and maybe put in a third screen for DMD)


    IMG_20190609_193733 IMG_20190608_171151 IMG_20190608_212029



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    Awesome Decals. :good:


    Added a (diy ghetto) topper, chromelists, new launcher art and a acrylic playfield glass printed with dot raster to hide the tv-bezel.

    topper  chrome-list  eddie-launcherdot-raster-glass



    Dang ! That’s one cool looking pin man, well done  :good:


    Added a bunch of led buttons because yaaay blinky neon lights! IMG_20190729_202412


    Thanks for posting your build pics.

    I know everyone likes to see what people build I know it amazes me what people come up with!

    Great job and have fun with it👍🏻

    Messing with the VPinball app and push notifications.
    So if you haven't downloaded app yet what are you waiting for!?

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    Heres a off topic funny sidenote for any metalheads out there;
    The airplane sitting on top of the backbox is a model of Ed Force One, that I got from my friend who actually got it from the band personally
    while flying Ed Force One with Bruce Dickinsson as the pilot.  B-)   (She works in the music industry)


    More Cowbell!!    Hm…might be wrong Bruce.  Beautiful looking cab and that’s a very cool sidenote!


    Im notoriously bad at documenting my progress, but heres a couple of build-pics I found on my dropbox, for anyone interested.
    (Most cab-builders seems to enjoy the CNC router table)    :-)


    pinball-glue  pinball-vinyl  pinball-CPpinball-CNC  pinball-sketch




Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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