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    VR version of Austin Powers.

    Yeah baby! A really fun table with great call outs and gameplay. Thanks to the continues development of VPVR I was able to introduce a real VR Topper in this release :).

    Hope you all enjoy this new VR release. You need PinUp Player to use the Topper feature. Read the install instructions.

    Credits go to:

    - Javier for his incredible table

    - DJRobX for updates on the table (used his updated version)

    - BambiPlattfuss for providing the Austin Power Topper video

    - Ronnie and Rob for their continious development on VPVR!

    - Caligula for bringing us VPX VR via VPVR!

    Original table was a joint effort with script: Javier and 32Assassin, Plastics and Playfield: DStruct

    ,Models: Francisco666 and Rom, Physics: ClarkKent.

    Greetings to the Facebook VR development team who supported this release with help and Quality Assurance!

    Keep a close eye out for more releases, VR is going to be the future of visual pinball!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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