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    VR version of the incredible Back to the Future by cyberpez and modded by Hauntfreaks.

    Great scott!! What a nice table :). I love the whole theme and how this table flows. The left and right ramps scream for shot loops and boy did I get a nice streak of 17. The table has a great addition on the left apron by Hauntfreaks ;). Please look at the script for all the nice custom settings this table offers.

    I edited the backglass a bit to create a nice spot for the scoring.

    Credits go to:

    - cyberpez and Hauntfreaks for bringing us this beauty - stuzza for his cabinet art - 3rdaxis for sharing his great VR work and for inspiring me to start VR conversions - Caligula for bringing us VPX VR via VPVR! - free3d for all the nice 3d objects

    Keep a close eye out for more releases, VR is going to be the future of visual pinball :).

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    Great job Senseless!

    I love this table, i love playing the old tables in vr.

    But i don’t like the capture external dmd stuff.
    Can you please explain me, why all these new vrrooms don’t use these great allready implemented working active backglasses of the FSS tables from @arconovum?


    I wish you can contact him and make a deal. ;)

    Thanks for your amazing work!



    You are wrong mate, check Space Station, BK2K and Funhouse.

    Pretty sure senseless will also update his rooms soon.


    Db2s is not yet supported in VPX VR. Authors are using workarounds (thankfully) until it becomes supported.


    My question targets the “Why not using existing perfect working things?”.
    The backglass functionality is already coded in many FSS Tables.
    NOT in the b2s oder directb2s, it’s in the vpx.

    I can’t see a reason to make a new one without functionality.
    Perhaps the author of the vpx backglass doesn’t allow usage …


    / cant make dmd works, works fine on FSS version……?



    Will these tables (Centuar, Cyclone, etc) be updated with the integrated backglass like we see in Funhouse and BK2K?


    The reason is that is take (a lot) time to implement this way of displaying the score.

    FSS works differently and some of my releases like Taxi do offer the scoring without the need for the external dmd capture. It took quite some time and it’s not 100% compatible between tables and a simple copy paste exercise.

    To overcome the external dmd capture these non dot matrix tables all need digits and flasher objects on the backglass. For me this takes too much time and with the new beta releases of vpvr from Rob there is no real need for me as there is no performance loss.

    Currently (thanks to Rob) we are experimenting with full b2s capture that will overcome this. So hopefully I can use this in the near future to update these tables.






    B2S Capture is working great now in the latest 10.6 mod by Rob, so these older tables could be updated to use that method instead!


    Great table!

    In ACDC, the DMD shows in VR.

    For Back TO The Future, in non VR I have the dmd working but in VR the DMD appears on the desktop instead of on the VR headset. I followed your post regarding how to get DMD working in VR but no joy:

    1. I am running VP 10.6.
    2. I am running VPGXL from the updated VPinballX_GL_MSAA
    3. I have freezyDMD installed.
    4. I have UltraDMD installed.
    5. I have ticked ‘Capture external dmd’ in Keys….
    6. I run the table.
    7. I hit F1 to bring up DMD settings.
    8. I tick Show DMD/Display Window.
    9. I exit the table and restart the table, no joy.
    10. If I tick ‘Use external DMD (dll)’ I get an error.

    Any ideas?



    you have to tick “use external dll” on pinmame to get the dmd into the table, if you get an error there’s probably something it doesn’t like on the DMD stuff you have installed, i do not have freezydmd nor ultradmd adn it works fine here.

    Personally i had to move the DMD higher by 100 units because i was missing the lower line, don’t know why tbh.

    Try to trash also cfg file in pinmame related to this rom, if you messed up with window size it may crash when loading.


    Which version of dmdext are you running? This is probably giving you these problems. I still run 1.7.1 as this is giving me the best stablilty and only use it for VR Pinball on my gaming rig. On my cab I run 1.8 without problems.

    Hopefully one day I will update some of my older VR ROOMs to the latest standards but currently I have shifted my focus to other things.

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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