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    VR version of the incredible Dr Dude by wrd1972.

    One of my all time favourites when it comes to addictive pinball gameplay. Dr Dude has it all! The game is fairly simple... head for the mix master and go for the jackpot! But this pinball machine is very unforgiving and has NO ball save. This makes it a very exciting and thrilling experience. And the call-outs are hilarious.

    As this is VR I can do almost anything I want :). For this special table I decided the only way to play this is from within the Mix Master :). Enjoy and try to beat my highscore (see screenshot)... Scoring is enabled via flasher objects, so no hassle with external dmd captures!

    Big thanks goes out to wrd1972 for his excellent work and spot on version of Dr Dude.

    Credits go to:

    - wrd1972 for his incredible table (v2.0)

    - Caligula for bringing us VPX VR via VPVR!

    Keep a close eye out for more releases, VR is going to be the future of visual pinball :).

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    Ben Logan2

    Great concept, senseless. Can’t wait to try it later today. Awesome.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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