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    Set your VR Far Plane to like 20,000!

    Update to 1.0.2.  All new Lighting and Shadows

    Thanks to pinball58, melon, Loaded Weapon, and Bigus1 for this superb VPX version of Fish Tales.  I have not touched the physics, graphics, or gameplay from the original authors VPX version.   Most of the VR code is at the bottom of the script.


    Thanks goes to.. VPX table: pinball58, melon, Loaded Weapon, Bigus1 Some VR models from: 3RDAXIS Bass model and cast plunger model: STEELY

    Autolaunch bug fix and new programmed reel: ma1299

    Bubble level: Rascal

    Thanks always to Randy Davis, The VP development team, and Caligula for bringing us VPVR

    Options: Use Left and Right Magnasave to toggle VR Room components on or off. There are some other VR room options on lines 49-53 of the script. Enjoy!

    Rajo Joey

    Now I know, what I am playing today. ?

    Thanks for this and for your hard work.


    Ok, I have updated the file to 1.0.2

    All new lighting and shadows. Sun added. Fixed ball getting stuck near the ‘L’ lane. Made a couple of textures look better. Added ambient water sounds (can be turned off in script).

    It is MUCH brighter and more natural looking now. I added a sun.. It has sun rays and changes colours slightly as the multi-tiered cloud layers pass by. I also added shadowing. I am no artist, but I think it came out looking pretty nice. Shadowing makes a HUGE difference for depth perception in VR I think.

    Please let me know what you think of the update!

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    RYSr (Rich)

    Now you went and did it! the reds on that cabinet are really gonna fade.. :good:

    Excellent VRRoom environment!

    Ben Logan2

    This is fantastic, Rawd. What a great escape. Finally had a chance to download and play tonight. Literally said out loud, “Whoa! This is cool!” upon loading for first time. Not a very original response, but it’s a rare table that causes me to comment out loud while alone in my garage! Love the jumping fish. Truly immersive experience. Thanks to all devs involved (all of which are shouted out on included in game magazine cover!).


    Thanks Rawd.  Really nice work you did on this VR Room!

    Since I have the real fishtales plunger,  I was able to see how well the VR one matches up to the real one.  On the current version of this table it is a little too small.   Rawd said he will be updating the plunger size in a future update.

    Here is a through the lens video showing how awesome this plunger looks in VR compared to the real one with the updated size.  Looks Really great!!

    Looking forward to the update!  Thanks again Rawd!

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    is it possible to check the obstacles that keep the caged ball? nearly every game i play this ball comes out after a few hits and is thereby lost…


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