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    Complete VR ROOM Gameroom enviroment for VR gameroom development.

    After many VR ROOM releases and learning on the job I would like to release my development environment for everyone to enjoy and play around with.

    It expects basic knowledge of the vpx editor and some understanding of what table coding does and how you can edit the scripting of a table.

    The download includes:

    1) The clean gameroom environment:

    - 1 empty pincab to use for the table you would like to enble in VR

    - 5 empty pincabs for display

    - 3 dartboards

    - 1 pooltable

    - 3 arcade cabinets

    2) Folder with all textures used:

    Use this to import all textures used.

    3) Folder with all materials used:"

    Use this to import all materials used.

    4) The blender file of the Gameroom primitive:

    Use this to alter the gameroom to your liking. Export to obj file and import as mesh to replace the current one.

    All objects are in a single layer (11) and have grouped names (e.g. all Primary_* objects are the main pinball cabinet). So you can select them easily for copy/paste purposes. I addition it also contains collections for easy selection and copying.

    The clean gameroom environment script contains all animation code needed to make flippers, buttons and plunger to animate in VR. It also includes the VR Table option section to include in the table script.

    Big shout-out and thanks to the usual suspects who helped and provided resources and code examples: 3rdAxis, Rawd, DJRObX, Caligula and all other actively involved in VR pinball!

    I will be actively supporting the use of this template via the support section of the download. If you need any help or have questions please feel free to use the support page.

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    Thanks a lot for making this..  especially thanks for making the floor flat :)   Thanks for providing the blender file as well.


    Hi Senseless,

    I picked up a VR headset a couple of days ago and I’m dipping my toes into VR now, I’ve tried some of your VR rooms and have a bit of hopefully constructive feedback.

    I tried using your environment update, but something about the way the room is constructed makes all of the tables which using transparent ramps hide all the textures below them, I think it’s because it’s essentially all of the assets (and hence the room) are at -2000 depth…
    If you check your mustang table you can see under both the left and right ramps the plastics vanish when you look over them, but if you look around the ramps they’re underneath.
    I noticed it when I went to convert my SST table to VR and I went back to using an old template.

    All your primitives are off centre, which is OK if you want to have a static setup, but makes moving things as an item difficult, I’m redoing them all so they’re central as I speak (whilst trying to learn blender!)
    I’ve also changed the legs model back to the original so all 4 are linked and removed the plunger housing and shooter rod so that you can use a seperate one or button.

    Also it’s worth noting that you still have assets in the game room itself which are set as collide-able and not as toys, so the physics engine is still paying attention to them.
    The same goes for making all your primitives static, unless they have to move or be seen through, as this means VPX renders them beforehand, otherwise it has to constantly update them in game as it thinks they’re going to move.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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