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    Thanks to 32Assassin for this beautiful version of Williams High Speed.  There were a few modifications needed to make things look good in VR, but the physics and gameplay have not been touched from 32Assassins original version.  Thanks to Walter Whitmer for building all of the cabinet components from the ground up.  I think they look spectacular!

    Thanks goes to..

    VPX table: 32Assassin

    All cabinet components and room mockup: Walter Whitmer

    Thanks always to Randy Davis, The VP development team, and Caligula for bringing us VPVR.  Thanks also to DJRobX and Rawnei for their continued support.

    This table plays very smooth on my system, and I'm hoping it does for others as well.  We have left the room toggle option non-existent in this table, because the traffic lights and police light are really part of the atmosphere.  We've also left the table glass off on this table, as it caused more problems than good.


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