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    VR version of Mustang LE.

    Bad ass mod from Siggi Enjoy this beauty in VR and don't forget to check out the VR table settings in the script if you like to enable/disable some VR objects.

    Thanks goes out to Rawd for doing the lighting in the VR Room and Arvid for finding some decent cabinet art!

    As this is already my 35th release of a VR Room I think it's time to take it down a notch and enjoy the work from others. My quest and goal has been reached: VR Pinball IS ALIVE!

    Credits go to:

    - Dozer for bringing us the original table to vpx!

    - Siggi for his great mod (v1.1)

    - Caligula for bringing us VPX VR via VPVR!

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    #35!  Wow.   Thanks for this table, and all of the work you’ve done.


    Ben Logan2

    Thanks, senseless! Will take a drive tonight. :D

    EDIT: Just played it. WOW! Dozer, what a great table. Thanks for giving senseless and company a great piece of art to work with. Senseless: I absolutely LOVE the scratched glass hovering over the playfield. Gives a real sense of depth. Also, seems to capture and reflect the light. Awesome room. Thanks to Rawd for his contributions! Sterns from this era are not my faves, but…man — You did such and amazing job here, I’m all in! Totally appreciate your work. VPVR is super amazing. Still just blown away by this development.

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    Rajo Joey

    @senselessBig thanks for all your work and the fantastic vr-rooms. It’s a new world of vp. :yahoo: :heart:


    great table and room. thank you. but how can i increase performance?

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