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    VR ROOM The Getaway: High Speed II

    This another awesome pinball table. Ganjafarmer along with others others did an outstanding job recreating it for VPX. In my opinion, in VR it's even better to play and it looks really great!

    This VR port just takes their great work and sets it in a room so you can play it with a VR headset. The table itself is not modded other than some slight modifications to make it fit in the cabinet and a little lighting for the room.

    Credits go to:

    - flupper1 - supercharger, sc ramps, bumper caps, EE, flipper prims and shadows, playfield shadows

    - 32assassin - stripped VP9 table, script edit

    - ganjafarmer - 2d graphics, physics, lighting, some simple prims

    - nFozzy - fast flips script, physics

    - 3rdaxis for sharing his great VR work and the template for creating a VR Room.

    - Caligula for bringing us VPX VR via VPVR!

    - I would like to also thank everyone else that may contributed to this project.  Including the VPX and Pinmame DEV teams.



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    Thank you! It’s been four days with no releases and I was starting to get the shakes.


    One of my faourites, thank you!

    You guys should make this little change in the script for fast flips: UseSolenoids=2

    : I have to delete the other 2 tables in the room for good frame rates in almost every room. Could you please consider to provide a lessThan1080tiVersion for the others? Thank you!


    Ben Logan2

    Pull over, buddy! You’re drastically exceeding the speed limit with these amazing rooms.


    love it!


    Plays great! No slowdowns and running with ss 1.75. Love the room and the art :).

    Ben Logan2

    Beautiful work here from all contributors. It plays so great! Unbelievable. Shift gears into VR, guys!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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