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    You hear of a small local theater with a mint-condition Phantom of the Opera table set up backstage. Unfortunately they don't allow visitors, so you wait until it gets dark and make your way in through a broken window.


    There have been a few rumours about this place... noises heard in the dead of night. As you settle in to play with your back to the empty theater, you wonder if this was a good idea...


    - Latest Bigus version of the table (1.4)

    - Fully working alphanumerics without DMD capture etc

    - A visual and auditory environment

    - There might be a couple of easter eggs to find!


    Credits to 32assassin for the original table (and thanks for the permission to mod), and Bigus for this mod release (Bigus Mod 1.4). The table itself is completely unmodified from the Bigus release, I just added the environment around it.




    - Set your far plane to 20000+

    - Left magnasave toggles between no theater chairs -> no room -> full room

    - The 'S' key will toggle extra sound effects off and back on. Edit the script (all VR related functions at the bottom) to turn them off permanently if that's your thing!

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    Ben Logan2

    Can’t wait to try it. Thanks, Cirqus!


    Thanks!   Very nice atmosphere you’ve created.

    Rajo Joey

    Thanks for this VR-table.

    I wish more user take part with VR and see, how wonderful all the table look.

    It’s a completely different game. :good:

    The Loafer

    I think someday if they can:

    • make the headset half the size
    • make the headset twice the clarity
    • make the headset improve the FOV at least to 140 degrees
    • make the headset not need such a strong PC
    • make it no more than $400 with quality controllers

    … Then VR will be accepted by the masses.  They already have made great strides towards this with the Quest, its nowhere near PC powerful now but 3 revisions (10 years) from now, the above may be possible.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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