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    Added the VR conversions to this table that was done by DJRobX, Ninuzzu, and others (thanks for the permission to mod!).   Love playing this table, as it has additional game elements in it like playing wheel of fortune.  It looks great in VR!  Sixtoe provided a once over and did a couple additional tweaks, including better looking ramps and some lighting mods.  I spent quite a bit of time getting the backglass to be interactive, as I felt it should work for the active contestant lights, blinking, and GI.

    Once again, I changed the typical minimal room slightly to have a wood floor, and a slightly different wall... which gives an appearance of lighting from the pinball machine casting on the wall.  You can change back to the original walls and floor in the options section of the script.

    Anyway, I hope you enjoy!  And thanks again to DJRobX and Sixtoe!

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