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    Excited about the spinner bonanza on Hokus Pokus!


    So I think at this point the Gottlieb EM era from 67-78 is pretty much covered. There are a few EMs from the latter years that would be cool to see – Dragon, Charlie’s Angels, Eye of the Tiger – but we have the SS variants so it’s not that important. Having done all these tables, I totally understand how Gottlieb was the “king” during this time of EMs. Too bad they didn’t get on the SS bandwagon until it was too late.


    I currently have Williams Touchdown and Kickoff in my build queue. After these 2, who knows? GNance has a few lined up for me so we will see what the future holds.


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    Hope the future holds a lot more of your contributions!  Looking forward to ciphering through ALL of these Gottlieb tables of yours.  No way to express gratitude properly for the work that you’ve put in to bring all these pieces of history to all of us.  ….I’m going way out of character here, and will use an emoji.   Thanks for all this work L-Man  :yahoo:

Viewing 3 posts - 61 through 63 (of 63 total)

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