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    So, my husband and I have the week off from work (vacation), and since there’s basically nothing to do outside the house right now, I’ve been diving into some of my hobby backlog… one of my other hobbies is working on scale models. So here’s the handful I’ve completed the past 3 days. The snowspeeder was just waiting for paint and weathering, the others are 1-2 day wonders.

    The Dirty Donny Pinball Punk is a resin figure I picked up because, well, he’s playing pinball. Painted, decaled and assembled in a day. He’s now living above Radiant Silverball on a wall mounted shelf.




    Creator of the first PinupPlayer PostDMD mods for VPX - PostDMD for Masters of the Universe VPX and Jaws VPX.
    Head Proprietor of Pisces Pinball, a VPX table developer.
    Lead Technician of MC Chase Amusements, a private arcade in our home basement.


    I used to make a lot of beer at home; got quite good at it over 15 years. It is very time consuming and physically demanding, at least on the scale that I was doing it, so that hobby is on hiatus for now.

    I started running after our second child was born, was never much of an athlete before that, but it was great stress relief and efficient exercise when time is at a premium. Been at it for 7 years and ran my first marathon last fall.

    In some ways Blender and 3D modeling have taken the place of VP for me as a hobby. I love doing all sorts of modeling outside of VP stuff and find the actual VP part of making games to be my least favorite part.


    I’m a gamer myself, when not playing on a vpx table, I’m usually playing on one of my favorite games, or working on my indie game project that I’ve been working on for a while now. I do also like drawing, so that is another thing I do.


    I like to go fishing and spend time in the northwoods when time permits. I spend a lot of time doing home improvements and working on things around my house. I like being a handy person so im not afraid to work on almost anything. I did spend a lot of time coaching youth sports but my kids are out of them now. I could see myself volunteering my time if needed to coach other youths.

    Virtual pinball is a hobby that definitely keeps my interest. I tend to dive deep into a hobby only to lose interest and move on after a short time. I have lots of old hobbys scattered around my basement.

    Hi my name is Barry and I'm a virtual pinball addict.


    When I’m not working on my virtual pinball machine I’m working on my real pinball machines and going to league nights and tournaments :)


    When I’m not doing that I’m usually building something. Last big project was a droid

    received_1214044662117003 IMG_20180714_112554761


    VP is currently my #1 hobby, playing real machines is my second. If I’m to mention other hobbies, it has to be fishing. I used to tie my own flies ( still of course know how to do it, but, haven’t in the last 5 years or so) and that means I fly fish in lakes and rivers. Being Norwegian, and living in the north. Taking the car and some rods and you can pick fishing in the coast from land or boat too. Lately, this has been chosen more often than lakes and rivers.


    This used to be my #1
    I also dabble in some military gun collecting, coin collecting.  But mostly busy now with Military and job and coronavirus avoidance.

    I also collect and restore real pins



    who needs other hobbies besides pinball, virtual or ‘real’ or homebrew?

    I like to drink, that’s a hobby right? bourbon and beer mostly.

    umm… I read everyday, that’s kinda a hobby.. mostly epic fantasy (Malazan is the best)

    I like to road trip on motorcycle with my sweetie, have been to 43 of the lower 48 states so far, which is pretty good considering we start in one corner.

    I used to make chainmaille armor and jewelry, still occasionally dabble

    I build stuff, mostly out of wood, furniture, cabinets, cabins, pinball machines.. see back to that again,

    I spend several hours a day holding my recliner in place.


    Fun topic!  My list of hobbies is lengthy.  I’ve been lucky to make a living at one of them for over thirty years – bicycles.  I consider them amazing, enduring, simplistic feats of engineering.  When your knees start to bark at you *looking at you bord* ( I LOVED running…especially in the winter when things are quiet, cold and snow covered) cycling is better for the joints.

    Hiking!  About the time I needed to stop running a few years back, I met a gal that loved heading out into the woods.  We are very lucky in Northeast Ohio to have a park system –  local, state and national with interconnected multi-purpose trails and endless miles of simple paths in unspoiled areas.  That’s my favorite hobby lately.  Traipsing about.

    Did Barry mention home improvement?  I spent a brief time learning carpentry years ago and ever since will find any excuse to add to my stable of tools.  Yes, I even do drywall, but do NOT tell anyone.

    I have a box of unopened seaplane models yet to build, my fishing rod and tackle are next to it.  And golf clubs.  Five guitars, a couple keyboards, amps all over and mics hanging from the rafters as well.  Being in a rock band that has bothered to play No Quarter is fun…but I like hiking better.  Oh, I have a fish tank too.


    “I spend several hours a day holding my recliner in place”     love this


    I’m with @badazzwi:

    If i dig too deep into just one hobby i get bored real quick! I’m more the Decathlon guy, not the 100m specialist!

    I’m still active in:

    Baseball, going to practice as often as i can (about once every 2 weeks) and do some Bullpen Catching and hit some balls.

    Playing drums in what some would call a Metal Band. We sound horrible but we only take bookings after 11 pm to make sure people are drunk enough!

    Gaming, anything open world where you need at least a bit of a brain to finish it. Ah, and no wizards and dragons! I’m now in my 2nd year trying to finish “Kingdom Come: Deliverance”. VP get’s i the way too often!

    I used to play Hockey as a goalie in the local beer league when i was a lot younger. I also played Bowling in the house league in our local bowling alley for about 5 years.

    I miss the times where you could play Galaga in a local pub as a 11 year old and nobody really cared where your parents were!

    Nice to see all the other hobbys!


    Like Bord, I spend most of my time with Blender, not VPX itself. I think I now sort of know what visually is possible with VPX in its current form, experimenting with Blender to achieve what I think is possible takes forever (like with my ramp tutorial, or getting FOV in blender the same as in VPX, or prerendered inserts, etc).

    Learning blender takes forever unfortunately , so I also read a lot about blender on and

    Just like in VPX, I also like to create stuff physically. Like my cabinet, took me a summer. But also stuff like a desk, build-in closet, a sun shade solution for in the garden and other stuff around the house.

    I used to do a lot of gaming, but often VPX takes precedence. I did play Dying Light and its DLC completely last year.

    Concerning sports I like to do scuba diving, I have a trip planned to mexico in april but I expect that not to happen due to corona. In the last 20 years or so I have been scuba diving on a lot of exotic locations.




    Oh boy where do I start. I have to many thats for sure, but i like to stay busy and hate setting on the couch.

    Avid  outdoorsman. If it involves outside or in the garage I probably dabble in it. I raced atvs from 98-13 still enjoy it but do it mainly for recreation now. Had pretty good success with 5 state titles and a 4th in nationals one yr.

    Hunting deer and turkey take up my time in the spring and fall.

    As with Tom, iv been redoing a 51 GMC truck, looks like his is around that yr ford. Its cool Tom we all have our downfalls ?. Just kidding its a nice looking truck.

    Always doing home improvements and for the past yr I’ve more been doin this great VP thing with all you great people.  Kids love it. Wife hates it but hey we make it work.  I have also dove deep in a restoration of a Alien poker which you can check out on Pinside.
    Thats about it. Thanks for all you guys do and stay healthy.



    Virtual pinball has been by far the most involved I’ve ever been in any hobby.

    I have always enjoyed sports and exercise.  I try to workout two to three times a week.  I most enjoy running, weight training, or playing basketball.  I also like watching college basketball and football and occasionally professional basketball and football.  I really enjoy coaching basketball.  I haven’t coached in a few years, but I’d love to get back into it.  I guess you could say that was my hobby before virtual pinball.

    Ever since my wife and I moved to Florida, I’ve been more active in lawn care.  It’s my excuse to get outside once or twice a week and enjoy the great Florida weather.

    I also enjoy other types of gaming.  I most enjoy games I can pick up for the a few mins without getting lost in them for a few hours (not that doesn’t happen).  Sudoku and Clash of Clans are great for keeping my mind sharp.

    Current Project: Perpetual updates of VPX physics.


    I usually go as hard as I can on VP when I can, then I burn myself out and go back into vp retirement lol.

    I’m a jack of all trades and master of none it seems.  I seem to have a tendency to get really into something for a time, like really into something, like OCD obsessive into things then burn out on them and then they just become minor back-burner hobbies that I re-visit from time to time.

    A good example is in my early 20’s I was really into making and throwing weapons.  All sorts really, knives, stars, hatchets, but throwing spikes were my thrown weapon of choice.  There used to be a website that documented the history of Japanese throwing spikes and various authentic design patterns.  The site was probably the only source for a lot of authentic throwing techniques and designs, I used to talk with the site owner via email on a semi-regular basis.  However one day, just like a ninja the site vanished and the owner could no longer be contacted.  I still throw spikes using a ‘direct-hit/no spin’ method once in a while but I used to practice enough that I could regularly hit a target the size of a quarter from about 10-25 feet away.

    I went to Italy for a month (Florence/Firenze and some Rome) to study art back in 2007, that’s when I fell in love with espresso and since then I’ve been pretty obsessed with trying to make the perfect cup of cafe quality espresso and more recently trying to do latte art.

    Wood working, landscaping, various home improvement, video editing, graphic design, video games,  reading are all hobbies I cycle in and out of my schedule as time allows.  I listen to audio books a lot at work, my favorite Fantasy series is The Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan (An amazon prime tv series is in the works currently) and my favorite science fiction work is the Dune series.

    I’ve lifted weights for most of my adult life, some years back I made a goal for myself to push myself as hard as I could to see what my limits were.  After almost 3 years of hard training I hit a 375lb squat and a 455lb deadlift @175lbs.  I was going to attempt to break my squat record with a 385 lift but leading up to it I strained my back in training and decided that I was at a point where any further gains were too small compared to the risk of injury so I started to just ‘maintain’.  However with the drive to continue to improve the motivation drastically dwindled.  I’m still fairly strong and jacked but no where near where I was at the peak of my training.

    I went to school for visual arts and art has always been part of my life in some form on another.  I’ve never really been able to reach a level of professionalism that could land me a job in any art field so I’ve pretty much had to work labor jobs all my life as a result, some more skilled labor than others.  I’ve always wanted to be involved with 3D since I first saw Terminator 2 back in 1992 but learning 3D was not nearly as accessible as it is now.  I took a bunch of night courses to learn 3dsmax basics as well as the ins and outs of most Adobe software.  Other than the overall basics I learned in night school I’m mostly self taught from reading tutorials and documentation.  I get discouraged once in a while, and I end up taking a short break from doing artwork but I always come back to it.  As I like to say, I don’t struggle with depression, I excel at it! :P



    newfoundland.    vesuvio

    Y’all are interesting.

    If I wasn’t doing VPX, I would be:

    Painting (artistic not house). I love Edward Hopper and would like to do more painting “plein air” (on location).

    Wife and I like to visit museums, historic sites, etc. Went to see Downton Abbey exhibit at the Biltmore in Asheville NC this past week. This may have inspired a Downton VPX with pup!

    I enjoy fixing things and do-it-youself projects around the house. I get all the broken iphones from work, and use the parts to fix cracked screens etc. for people I know. Or combine the parts to make a good phone,  and give it to someone who can’t afford a replacement.

    I’ve dabbled in guitar (classic rock) and piano, (ragtime, boogie woogie) … but gave ’em up when the brief learning curve leveled off. Now I’m learning basic Blender and enjoying it.




    Instead of trying to attach images, just use the ‘insert image’ button in the menu above the text field, you can just drag and drop the image and it will automatically insert into post.

    [edit]  The attach file used to work with images so perhaps that’s where some confusion comes from but the attach file option is actually intended for ‘files’ such as .zip etc and no longer intended to be used as an image host.

    [edit2] Spoke with randr about it, just to avoid further confusion he’s added image file types back to attach file to avoid any further problems, or for those who prefer to do things the hard way. :P


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    Nice paintings, there’s a really good book in my collection called “Color and light – a guide for the realist painter”.   Though I haven’t done any physical painting since college I picked up this book a few years ago to try to improve my understanding of realistic lighting for 3D.



    Coming from windsurfing, surfing and wakeboarding, this year I went one step further (or higher;-) and tried wingfoiling! A hell of hard to learn, even with gliding background , but unbelievable feeling/sensation once youre on the foil, flying nearly weightlessly over the water. A “spacewalk” is what comes next to my mind…


    Up until about 6 years ago… I had only really dabbled in VP and FP (mostly around 2008’ish, and then not at all until 2014).

    One other hobby is racing games and my simpit. I built it about 12 years ago, and it evolved over that time. First just using a single big TV, then eventually using three 43 inch TV’s, and now one ultrawide monitor and VR. At one point I had 12 exciters / bass shakers controlled by in-game data (simvibe feedback). Almost makes SSF on VP seem simple by comparison. Now I only use 4 bass shakers, as I donated the other exciters and amp to my cabinet for SSF (which is also awesome).

    It probably won’t shock anyone who knows me that (just like with VP) I’m more of a casual player…and will play “realistic” racing games, simcade, or non realistic arcade games. It’s all fun to me.

    The simpit also doubles for flight sims, and the console on the right side rotates around to hide the shifter and expose the flightstick.





    Another hobby is VR. I love it, and it only gets better and better. It covers normal VR games, FP and VPVR (and one day VPE), and my simpit. Racing in VR with simvibe feedback is amazing.

    I’m also a big PC gamer. If I wasn’t sucked into VP so much, I would have a very large collection of games I have yet to play. I tend to leave these for when I get deployed somewhere for 6+ months (such as the North Pole in CFB Alert). Yes, for those who don’t know, I’ve been an electronics and communications tech for the Canadian military for 10 years now (first Army, now Air Force)… and worked as a civilian tech before that.


    Current hobby:

    • helping with the occasional VP table, or DOF, or PuP-Pack
    • my own PuP-Packs
    • FP and BAM (new features are amazing and so fun to play with until VPE one day takes over)
    • PinEvent table mods (DOF, MX, SSF, PUP, PUPDMD). I love creating high quality pup / pupdmd creations for my favorite tables that you won’t see anywhere else
    • FP table updates with BAM mods using new features such as real spot lighting / beacons and FBX character animation, shadowmaps, RGB lighting, etc


    Looking forward to digging into these things more in the future:

    • VPE (I can’t wait until this is fully featured, and has the same kind of tools for original tables, like what I’ve been spoiled with in FP-BAM)
    • Blender (I use to be a Lightwave guy many years ago…so with FP-BAM support for FBX and one day VPE… this is just the next painful step)


    Currently my objective is to update my favorite FP tables to use new BAM features, and add my own PinEvent updates. At some point I’ll start to dabble in VPE… but to convert my favorite FP tables to VPE is a crazy monster of a task. It’s most likely a different code environment. VPE may not have same tools to use at first, which means learning how to create or code new things in Unity. We also need a PuP equivalent. A long way to go still. Adding new BAM features today to a FP table is much quicker and more fun right now… but one day that will change.


    I definitely have plenty to keep me busy, and now that my kids are out of high school… who knows what will come along.


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