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    I play the guitar, have jams with other music friends about once a month or two. And play disk golf about once a week. Vegetable garden keeps me busy too. Also into console and arcade emulation. I wish I knew more about VPX development, but that is a bit over my head at the moment, so I am just a leacher around here for now =(

    The Loafer

    How in the world did I miss this awesome thread?!?


    I have lot’s of hobbies but none of them too creative like building stuff, art, etc.  Well except to drive my wife nuts, that can certainly be creative.  My job and family obligations makes it difficult to concentrate for a long time on my hobbies.  My job is coming to an end at the end of November, so hobby wise I hope that will clear up my slate.


    As it is, my hobbies tend to go through a rotation since I don’t have time to do them all at the same time.  The current list of hobbies:

    – Astronomy:  I do some imaging.  Still so much to learn but I’m happy with my output.  Being a nighttime hobby, I’m def looking forward to retirement

    – VR:  it’s a new frontier, still blown away after getting a used DK2 and am now enjoying the Valve Index, the Rift S and the Quest

    – Current gen gaming: though VR has squashed that quite a bit, I still enjoy the odd PC but mostly console game

    – Classic gaming:  I’m back on the colecovision kick, enjoying the Collectorvision Phoenix which is aN FPGA implementation of the Colecovision. I also currently own two mame arcade cabs.  I used to have a huge collection of retro systems but that’s dismissed greatly.

    – Comics:  Used to have a huge collection, now am just a reader though I’ve not written anything new except for Y the Last Man which is probably my fav full series. About once a year I’ll pick a type and for a couple of weeks will read through issue #1 through #200 or so, experience the various different creator visions.  Comics are an amazing snapshot in time and the story telling from the art itself can really separate many artists from good to phenomenal.

    – Travelling:  Pre-COVID, the wife and I enjoyed at least 2 trips per year.  People should travel more, it’s a healthy thing to see how other people live, warts and all and history isn’t the same viewed on TV or by reading a book.

    – Pinball both real and virtual:  I’ve owned a half a dozen real pins, presently without one and man I miss my specced up Tron Legacy Pro.  I’ve had a pincab since the ancient days (I think the build started in 2012.

    – Movies:  I’d go to the cinema at least 25 times per year if not more, love movies.  I’ve always had a huge collection dating back to the VHS days, then laserdisc, DVD and Blu-ray.  Although I’ve bought a few 4K discs, I finally got tired of rebuying the same movies over and over again so I‘m now embracing streaming.  Enough is enough

    – Ballroom Dancing:  Yep, I’m no twinkle toes but it’s fun to do with my wife and also my youngest daughter (her husband owns the dance studio).  Although it started off as something to support my daughter, I really enjoy it myself and it’s a fantastic stress reliever!

    So typically, it’s a rotation due to time so right now, it’s flat PC Gaming with MS FS 2020 (love it and can’t wait for the eventual VR support).  Before that was VPXVR, before that was Astronomy during the comet encounter, before that was colecovision, etc.  Sometimes I’ll find the odd hour to cross over to the other hobbies (like a cool VP table release) but it’s the nature of things to kind of stick on one for a little while before moving on to something else.


    But what really intrigues me is wondering will I stick to my after retirement plans?  For example, one of the reasons why I got out of real pinball is I don’t know how to maintain them myself, so it can become an expensive hobby.  So I plan on taking an electrical course to remove the fear I have of handling these devices.  I also plan on taking some astronomy courses to better understand the hobby itself.  I plan on scheduling some weekly time to play with friends online since I rarely do nowadays.  Will I finally have the time to connect the 4 contractors, the tilt bob and a few other items to my pincab, you know those items that have been sitting in a box for 4 or 5 years?  LOL  Anyway, this and repairing some of the remaining old consoles is something that will benefit if I take that electrical course too.  Lastly I want to do more voice acting but I realize I have a limited range, hopefully I can improve there because I find the creative process fascinating

    Some amazing stuff posted in this thread, well done by all of you, some really creative people here


    After reading this thread I think it is time to step on the breaks and stop the awesomeness and present my boring non vp hobbies ;-)

    But for real… My biggest hobbys were and always will be playing video games and listening to music. I was a PC gamer in my youth but switched mostly to XBOX and only use the PS4 for the exclusives. It’s perfect to clear my head after a day at work and it is always super fun to play some games with the kids.

    Music is also very important in my life. I need a beat to fully function. Not really fixed on one gerne but mostly on the hard rock and metal side. Nothing beats doing laundry while blasting Slayer through the house.

    I use streaming but I’m more on the oldschool side and buy a physical copy of an album, if I like it (CD, not Vinyl). Current count of my collection is 1685.

    As a contrast… Sunday is mostly the “outside” day. Chilling in the garden or doing short hiking tours with the family. No city tours, only walks through nature.


    As a note, I have many more hobbies… we start getting a sense of the number of hobbies I actually have because I added YouTube to that list to highlight my making things in relation to many of those hobbies.

    Creator of the first PinupPlayer PostDMD mods for VPX - PostDMD for Masters of the Universe VPX and Jaws VPX.
    Head Proprietor of Pisces Pinball, a VPX table developer.
    Lead Technician of MC Chase Amusements, a private arcade in our home basement.

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