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    First off I would like to say “Hello” to everybody as this is my first post, this community seems really great and the tables/mods I see coming out from this community are very impressive and inspirational. You guys are the reason I am building a cab of my own :)

    Now to the meat of it all. I am a Vpinball noob and have only just recently followed Terryred’s guide on getting Pinup Player / Popper working. So far, so good, I can play all my tables (except one) without issue. Everything has been working (as far as I can tell) as intended.

    Now to the one exception: Star Wars DSA (ULTIMATE Pro 1.06) – ESB 1.1 – PinEvent 1.0

    The first time I launched the table with default settings it worked fine. I was playing around with the script at 4am :wacko: (trying to figure out how to show/hide various elements such as the PUP HUD Left and Right) and messed something up. I have since re downloaded the file and launched with default settings but the problem persists.
    I am getting white boxes inside the game and am not sure why.
    Here are some screen shots of the issue:

    Anybody have any advice

    Thanks guys!


    A good start would be to not enable pup stream in PinEvent_Settings.vbs, and completely closing FP each time you exit a table.

    This is assuming you followed my FP and BAM Mega Guide to begin with.

    This should be posted on the table’s support topic. Read everything there first, and follow suggestions mentioned on there. Then post your findings.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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