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    as some of you know their are 2 versions of this table

    the Stern version and the original WhizBang version.

    HF built the Stern version.


    I wanted the original version that has no custom audio calls or custom light animations.

    the WhizBang version was built on the Continental Cafe (Gottlieb) hardware. I wanted this version to play and feel like a Continental Cafe table.

    Big thank you to

    Loserman for coding the table

    HF for this Backglass,  primitive bumper caps and stand up targets.



    this table was built on the blank VPX table;  I agree the ball is moving too fast.

    The slope of the real WhizBang table is almost flat. If anyone wants to make any comments about the physics being off,  do us all a favor and follow your post with a suggestion or an actual physics fix.



    Now who dont love  Big Juicy Melons  on a Backglass :yahoo:

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    …but Lady Death backglass is still the go-to when things need spicing up. Thanks for your many years of amazing contributions Wildman!


    Hi, is it possible to play this version with 4 players? The other version doesn’t have this option. Afaik the original table is designed for four players but has a small display on the bottom/left corner showing the active player.

    Thanks in advanced.




    as I stated on my post, I want this version to play as a Continental Cafe table.  I don’t know if Continental Cafe supports 4 player mode.


    the small LC screen you see on the apron runs of the rom; and the rom runs on the Stern Spike system.

    if or when Spike is emulated  the Stern version of this table will be updated with the proper code to support  Spike,

    LCD screen and all its functions including 4 player support.

    This table will not get that same code rebuild.

    see a table you like help me find the resources so that I can finish it


    Continental Cafe was a two player game but the original converted Woah Nellies took this down to one player, so this version is authentic in that respect.


    I have both whoa Nellie tables that do the same thing. If I play from PinballX there is no backglass. If I open the tables from my tables folder they both play from .exe with the backglass working correctly. Please help



    = now you can Play with Backglass B-)


    @stefanaustria : That is kind of inaccurate, at least if you compile your own db2s from latest or get the @nailbuster release. The db2s needs to be exact now, so it is not given that you’re solution will work without two separate backglasses.


    That was just an Example how i do it – and i remember, also had one Issue with PinballX,
    in generell, if i want to Keep 2 Versions, i just rename the 2nd Table to NAME_others .. and the Main Table & directb2s just have the same.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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