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    Hi Everyone

    I’m pretty new to this, but wanted to express some thanks the only way I really can, by documenting my UK build.
    Hopefully it will be of some help (UK based or otherwise) – please feel free to ask any questions, request further info and I’ll do my best to answer.

    Tips, comments and advice are most welcome too please.

    Posted my intro here a few weeks ago:

    I’ve not posted links to the equipment, as prices and suppliers change, but if you want them, just message or post a reply.

    NOTE – build is in initial stage at present – cab has been treated with MDF primer/sealant and “knocked back” (sanded down), so it’s nice and smooth.
    I’ll post pics and progress as replies in this thread as I go along….

    To Mjrnet – great guide, has helped immensely – highly recommended for any budding builders!

    Cabinet & Metal bits. £1,140.00 inc VAT (taxes) and delivery
    I have no woodworking skills, equipment, time or space…. so pretty straightforward decision to go either flat pack or pre-built.
    Eventually came across and a very helpful chap called Adam. They are UK based.
    Website at the time didn’t have a section for pre-built or bare bones cabinets (it has now I notice) so I just emailed them on the off chance.
    Got a widebody cab, legs, side rails, slim coindoor and plunger (no plunger kit, just the plunger)
    Took about 3 weeks from order to delivery, communication throughout was excellent – questions asked re number and position of button holes etc…
    They swapped around the holes for the plunger and the plunger button at my request (I wanted the button above the plunger) and changed the size of the DMD cutout as requested.

    Pic below is what Adam sent prior to it being shipped. Arrived on a palette with the back box on top of the main body safely strapped together, all metal components removed and packaged separately. All in all – well packed, reasonably priced imo and no damage – result!

    Kae-Eo cabinet

    PC £589.83
    Ryzen 5 3600
    Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1660 SUPER OC 6G
    16GB HyperX Fury DDR4 3200MHZ CL16 RAM
    500w EVGA PSU
    240GB SSD M.2
    MSI A320M-A PRO MAX Motherboard
    AvP Viper Mini Tower Black (cheap and shit – but no-one’s going to see it, and it may get hacked up anyhow)

    Sound: £50.09
    Nobsound Mini Bluetooth 5.0 HiFi TPA3116 Digital Amplifier Stereo Audio 2.0 Channel Sound Amplifiers 100W Power Amp
    Pioneer TS-G1310F 5.25″ car speakers
    Usual cables and banana plugs
    The combination of speakers and amp is good – no obvious distortion at higher volumes. It’s not ‘shake the walls down’ loud, but certainly loud enough to ‘hurt a bit’ when fully cranked up – not that you would ever need to. Quarter volume fills the room perfectly well.
    If it’s anything like my arcade machine, once in the back box, the natural enclosure will give it a bit more resonance and bass.
    (I still might add a sub at a later stage…)  J

    Screens: £317.42
    Playfield Toshiba 43U2963DB TV in Black from Ao,com (a big supplier here in the UK) £236.00
    Backbox 28” used Hannspree 1080p monitor – Ebay £25.00
    I struggled with the backbox TV. 32” widescreen TV’s are just too big (even if I was to decase one (not a good idea on a new tv I read on the forums – as the case is pretty integral to holding it all together).
    Eventually found the Hannspree on Ebay for £25.00. It’s actually a really decent, full 1080p HD screen.
    Yeah, its old and it weighs a tonne, but it’ll do.
    It’s also 16:10 format, so fills a bit more of the vertical space in the backbox.
    28” screen does however mean I’ll have a c5cm border around each side of the TV.
    I thought (and still think) this may look a little odd – but in reality, you’re only going to see the screen, not the border, once it’s in and playing?
    Guess we’ll find out when I install it…..
    DMD  14.0″ LED LCD Screen Laptop Full-HD (1920 X 1080) IPS + controller board £56.42
    Was going to go for 15.6” but wanted the screen to fit completely into the Speaker panel, so I’ve sacrificed a bit of screen real estate there, but looks fine to me.

    Artwork £180.00
    ordered from – arriving this week, been 4 weeks now, but they do say 10-14 days, plus Covid has inevitably delayed.

    Plunger Kit £169.48 inc import duty and taxes
    Zebsboard kit (kit only, no plunger) – you all know what they are, so won’t post any further detail unless someone requests it.

    Not purchased as yet, but Adam from Kase-Eo recommended these for the flippers…


    Decals arrived today from

    Well packaged in a solid cardboard tube, decals wrapped in paper & bubble wrap, no rips or tears. A few creases but they will iron out easily.
    Took 4 weeks from order to delivery.

    They look a bit ‘washed out’ in these photos (there was a lot of sun shining in on them – it’s very warm here in the UK today), but in reality the colours are good.
    Printed on Orajet media, so should be fit for purpose. Decent ‘weight’ and feel to them.


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