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    Ok heres something you should ALL read and inwardly digest.

    Microsoft in their infinite wisdom have decided there will never be a Windows 11. Thats a fact.

    However Windows 10 comes with some wonderous issues and a few heartaches.

    Those of you with Windows 10 already installed on your PC will already have come across the glorious “Feature Pack” Updates. MS way of letting you know they still work on fixing the bugs they created two years ago and chuck you a bone with wonderous features that never get used and just add to the amount of Bloatware on your computer.

    These packs are being churned out every six months or so with intermediate pack corrections and updates for programs that should have been written correctly first time out. Oh well

    One feature that I have found does happen frequently is your old programs or programs that you rarely use but need occasionally get uninstalled if they dont work with the new updates. Ive had quite a few go missing over the past few years. Also DirectX 9.0c tends to get overwritten and on some machines the new DirectX12 or 11 wont let it get reinstalled because it just isnt whats needed to make the latest machines work error free.

    Now heres heartache 1 with the onset of frequent system updates, one thing I would suggest is to make a safe copy of your entire VP Directory. Personally my machine has a few internal drives I can back stuff up to or run stuff from so the updates never touch any of my files ever. My laptop has a partition to do the same too. For those wanting to make a safe haven for data I would recommend a USB stick or Ext Drive if you dont know how to create a simple partition on exisiting kit or install new drives. Back your data and saves up regularly.

    Programs and shortcuts can be used to force windows to revert back to a former version of itself now and I have to say it does do it very well now they have most issues removed. Win 95, 98, XP, XP SP2 & 3, ME, 7, 8 and Vista (shudders) backward compatability is useful if your program doesnt run right in 10 it should be happy in an older OS. Compatability is a temporary SVC Host in the computer that runs like it Windows earlier version so no it doesnt revert your PC back to an earlier time.

    Make sure you keep the C++ redistributables and any VB redistribuitables you need up to date and install older flavours if needed, they can be obtained free from

    Usually the only versions you need are the 2008, 2012 and the new 2019 versions of each, they cover the whole range now instead of having a list a mile long in your install list.


    Always keep your sound and video drivers up to date, check monthly for updates, they change every time MS makes alterations and causes issues.


    If anyone has a particular issue or just needs advice on how to get onto windows 10 (some PC’s wont run on anything else) message me.

    Keep your stuff safe.


    Silver ball go that way, as eyes went this way, GAME OVER !!

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