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    why do the videos not show up on this pup pack ??


    I’m very new to the whole PuP Pack stuff, but I suspect there’s a little more to it than just sticking the files into C:\Visual Pinball\Tables\PinUPSystem\PUPVideos\woz_original and then skipping down the yellow brick road on a grand adventure.

    Once I found this…

    …I decided in the amount of time it would take me to figure out how to do this, I could have beaten both wizard modes on the WoZ table.   :wacko:


    Im think that file path is incorrect for pupvideos,should be C:\PinUPSystem\PUPVideos\woz.??


    ok so anyone tell me how to edit the b2s as it dont fit on my screen no more i have the black line at the bottom and love this table so want it to look rite :)


    could i grab your edited b2s for 16.9 please i tried to edit mine but no luck


    I have two errors when I run this table. Ultra DMD works and so does the backglass. Errors are:


    Line 8781 Object Required: ”


    Line 6433 Object required: ‘flash_dict’


    anyone have any ideas, clues or get this error?


    Thanks for sharing this incredible table and the Pup Pack.
    I can’t load the table, someone can help me to fix the problem.

    Thanks for The assistance


    Hi there, I have an issue with the backglass being hidden, however, it doesn’t seem to be the same as the rest…

    I’ve got a 2 screen machine, and stranger things (and every other table) works fine, however in WoZ the topper (pup0) is permanently in focus and always blocks the backglass (form1).

    I tried literally everything I can think of, the topper is disabled in pup (as I don’t have one) but that doesn’t seem to make a difference, the way I’ve worked around it is to just rename the topper video so it doesn’t load and that works fine, however that’s clunky. I’m wondering if I’m missing a setting or something?

Viewing 8 posts - 81 through 88 (of 88 total)

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