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    This updates the X-Men PuP Pack and allows 2 screen users to have a full DMD without blocking any video or overlay. ***This is only for 2 screen users-Backglass/Playfield***

    A huge thanks to Tom for his original PUP Pack and allowing me to release this conversion. This conversion uses POSCustom changes so the original pack has not been changed.

    You must download the original Pup Pack here first:

    Original Speaker grille template by Mltshiba

    Thank you to Nailbuster for PinUp Player/Popper and Terry Red for his advice and guidance on using the POSCustom option for screen placement.

    The .mp4 file is not needed for the conversion. It is my backglass video in Popper.

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    Thanks for the mod!

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    Thank you very much for ALL your PupPack 2-screen versions, I really love them and how they fit to my setup…

    Great work, well done, sir ! :good: :good: :good:


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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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