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    So I recently downloaded the Zaccaria gold set from steam and would like to add them to my PinballX.   Someone managed to get this working,

    i have my PinballX setup exactly like his, and when I go to the game manager the games are there, but when I launch PinballX, no games show up.

    when this happens, is it a result of the xml not being in line with the games I have? If so, how can you find out the order of your games in line with steam?


    I was the one who did the launcher script.    It sounds like the system name you have setup in PinballX (under settings), isn’t matching the database XML file name you have in game manager.    That would explain why use see them in game manger but not in the PBX.

    Attach copies of your PBX settings.ini,  log file and copies of your Zaccaria XML file and I will take a look and see if anything pops out.


    Does anyone know where I can find the table launcher for Zaccaria pinball. Thanks


    It is on the forum at

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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