Get Rich Playing Pinball

Get Rich Playing Pinball

I don’t know about you…but when I visit Vegas I avoid slot machines.

Being a pinball machine fan, this goes against my inclinations as I love the lights, sounds, and such that they offer.

But what bugs me is that there is no real skill involved. It just feels like luck.

After pulling the handle a few times, I am usually ready to move on to a game that involves my brain a bit more (such as black jack).

Many people head online to sites such as to play casino games. However, if you prefer the land-based casino experience there is a new game on the scene that might change everything.

It is an electronic pinball machine that adjusts your odds of winning based on how well you play.

Yes you read that right — your pinball playing can make you money!

A highly skilled pinball player could probably play this regularly on a profitable basis.

NanoTech’s creation is Vegas 2047, an electronic pinball machine that lets players choose the degree of luck and the degree of skill that figure into the potential payout.

“Gambling should be something where you have a fair chance to win,” says Hightower, vice president of gaming technology for NanoTech Gaming in Las Vegas.

“We also believe that if you want the skill to make a difference, you should be allowed to have that privilege. … Our game is designed in such a way that a top player on a given machine can be making more than the casino on that machine, and it’s not an expression of something going wrong.”

The name Vegas 2047 pays homage to the San Francisco Rush 2049 arcade racer, which Hightower and other members of his NanoTech team worked on back in the day (and was a totally classic arcade game).

The 2047 probably does not look like the most fun pinball game ever. I certainly prefer real pinball action over video pinball.


Did I mention you could win money playing it?

Having a chance to win real money certainly makes up for a lot.

I hope casinos give this a try. I know I will try to find one to play next time I am in Vegas for sure.

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Author: The GameRoom Blog


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