So the idea of this post, is try to bring together a bunch of the great information, floating around the internet with regards to Visual Pinball.  I know we are hearing more and more of the same questions from people, and i like to point these people in the right direction to help them fix thier problems.  So i thought why not try to keep everything in one place, as well will give us ideas what other questions should be answered.  I am just the collector of this information, a big thank-you to the people who have done all the hard work by actually writing this out.  If anyone has suggestions to add more links or information to be corrected, please let me know.

Visual Pinball Tutorials

Any new tutorials can easily be placed here for future reference, Drybonz got us started with backdrop/POV.

Basic Install of Visual Pinball

I am a fan of GTXJoe’s 16 part series of YouTube videos.  Cover the basics through to getting tables running


Pinsound and Alternate Soundtracks

Covered very well by Carny Priest, worth trying out different soundtracks.  Can totally change a game

Color DMD’s

Another of Carny’s great explanations on how to add color DMD to your tables with great dots.  This still has a few bugs but I’m sure will get smoothed out in the future

PBX Recorder

Great little utility by GTXJoe that allows the recording of preview videos of all your screens for PBX, now more downloading media packs

Code change to enable SAM LE driver board support

More of a where to go to find the latest “fix” for B2S and DOF, someone can correct me but I’m not sure if the latest B2S and DOF have been incorporated into the all in one VP10 installer release.



  1. randr 4 years ago

    Great post. I like this way as it wont get buried in the forum.

    Everyone should help create these “blog” posts to really permalink a great tutorial section

  2. Patrick Delage 4 years ago

    Nice job. I just remember when I first start searching to install beginning stuff in between thousand for thread :)

    You find the link at page 76 in thread forum xyz.

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