More on my attempt to model Whirlwind in VPX

So I “installed” all of the plastics and a couple of home grown primitives Red ramp Flashers and Skyway Toll Booths). I also tried to finish the cabinet components surrounding the table (sort of).  It still needs a lot of detail work to look just right but I’m well on my way. I haven’t worked on the script in a couple of days. I’ll pick that up this weekend. Oh and it needs an Apron. I’ll try to knock that out this weekend too.

Its beginning to look like a pinball machine

Its beginning to look like a pinball machine

  1. Blashyrk 8 years ago

    Looks very nice, looking forward to whirlwind in vpx :)

  2. Scotty VH 8 years ago

    Looking awesome!

  3. Jodannar 8 years ago

    Definitely coming along well. Looks like you are taking on all the feedback and really developing!

  4. Author
    walamab 8 years ago

    Lately it mostly been 32assassin with the updates. He’ quite good.

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