Using the VPX Flipper Physics Test Table

The VPX Flipper Physics Test Table can be found here:

This test table allows the user to change various flipper settings and visually map out the performance of flippers with those settings.

Global/playfiled settings can be modified on the fly:

  • Gravity
  • Friction
  • Ball Mass

Flipper settings that can be modified on the fly:

  • Mass
  • Strength
  • Friction
  • Return Strength
  • EOS Torque
  • EOS Torque Angle
  • Flipper Script Mod (On/Off)

Flipper settings that must be modified in the editor:

  • Base Radius
  • End Radius
  • Length
  • Start Angle
  • End Angle
  • Elasticity
  • Elasticity Fall-off
  • Coil Ramp up
  • Scatter

Pressing the “Right Magna Save” allows the user to test a specific position on the flipper.  Use the up and down arrows to select between Base, Middle/Base, Middle, Middle/Tip, Tip, or End of Tip.

Pressing the “Left Magna Save”  will run the current flipper settings for all positions along the flipper and display the results.

Pressing the “X” key will toggle between Test 1 and Test 2.  This will allow for comparison of flippers with two different physics settings.

Pressing the “L” key will toggle between RightFlipper and RightFlipper1.  These two flippers allow the user to compare flippers with different settings for flipper properties that can’t be modified on the fly, like Elasticity or Coil Ramp Up.

Each test will also provide on screen data points for tests at each position, including: angle of ball path, max angle of ball path, min angle of ball path, ball velocity, time for flipper to rotate to end, time for flipper to rotate back to start, and the start point for of the path of the ball.  Note, multiple tests can be run for each position by modifying the “numtests” variable in the script.  This can be helpful in determining the amount of variation that can be expected for the current flipper settings.

Pressing “K” will perform an inlane drop test.  Use the up and down arrows to toggle the position of the small arrow to determine the drop height.


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