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Adjusting the volume of ball rolling sounds

There are multiple methods to adjust the volume of ball rolling sounds.  One method is to export the sound files, increase the volume in a sound editing tool, and reimport the sound files.  Another method may be adjustments in the script.

Adjusting ball rolling sound volume by changes in the script

The following example of changing the script is taken from a discussion about the Pinball Magic table, and the method was provided by Rusty Cardones:

Ball rolling sounds are active, but just a bit quiet.  Look at Line 1227 for ^2 / 2000

Reduce the 2000 for increased volume.  Try 1000 or 200 or perhaps even 20  ….the amount of increase required will depend on your audio output device.

You could also try adding a volume multiplier to the Playsound “fx_ballrolling” on line 1288.


Vol(Bot(b) ),


Vol(BOT(b) )*3,

….however in this case I think my original suggestion has greater effect.  That said, the volume multiplier is good to remember for fine “individual” tweaks of the fx_ballrolling sound (or any sound), as you can also use partial multipliers to reduce the sound if need be….

Vol(BOT(b) )*0.1,

Constributed by Rusty Cardores

Source on VPinball forums


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  1. topcat 4 years ago

    This is very helpful! Some tables is to loud and some not loud enough :wacko:


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