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To avoid this being lost to facebook history i will upload here too! Please let me know if there are any corrections.


Hey guys, happy easter!!
just wondering if someone could explain the relationship between Cabinet.xml and the directconfig files? I brought a matrix and LED’s from a VPIN shop with Cab and directconfig xml inlcuded… however I need to expand the cab.xml to include some additional stuff (SSF) and im trying to understand where directconfig and cab refer to one another…? also do the directoconfig files ever need to get updated? sorry for the post, I just find DOF to be quite confusing

Cabinet.xml holds a number of config instructions for your cabinet. Teensy addressable LEDs are defined here <Ledstrip> as well as outputs from your other devices <LedWizEquivalentOutput>. Since you can have more than one device those output devices are assigned a number and this number is suffixed to the name of the directoutputconfig files that are produced from the dof config tool (eg directoutputconfig30.txt). These config files define the actual effects that will be called when a specific rom is played – mapping to send signals to the outputs per device. Essentially cabinet.xml you should set up once to match your devices and the directoutputconfig files from the “generate config” feature of the DOF configtool you simply drop into the directoutput config folder of your pincab. As long as you have defined the correct device number to match the config that was generated you should have working DOF!

DOF config tool determines the device number:

Config file generated from DOF config tool
Part of the cabinet.xml (for the teensy LED board in this example)
– EDIT: Please ignore the numbers “10, 4, 1” in this example, this is not from my actual config and just for illustration of this point!
Ah that’s awesome cheers! Thanks for taking the time.. So in that example the teensy will call directoutput30.ini? So how does port 10,4,1 map.. does it map directly to the ports defined In the DOF config tool and therefore the ini?
For the teensy there is more to the config than shown in the screenshot. It’s essentially one long line of lights and you are setting a range per section (back matrix, left and right). You can either have this as one long strip of LEDS or you can use up to 4 “channels” from your spliced ethernet cable to have these seperated but either way you would still need to define how many leds per length of addressable LEDs
For the artnet controller (or LED wiz) its instead hundreds of individual ports mapped as it’s 1-1. Each output (to match the DOF config tool number depending on your device) is assigned an <LedWizEquivalentOutput> name and number so this is a long list of ports VS a short set of ranges for the Teensy. Best advice is definately to find an example cabinet.xml that is similar to your setup and just tweak it to match your hardware.
Ah I see. Cheers. Do we ever need to update the directconfig ini files when new tables are released etc?
Yes if the DOF profiles are updated and you want the latest version you would need to either manually download the new config or you can i believe set it to auto-update (never tried that feature).
… or if you decide to tweak something. Maybe you want your undercab a solid color not flashing for a table. Quick and easy to do with the DOFconfig tool, just go in there and change your custom config, generate config and drop the files into the config folder on your cab!
A Further explanation of my setup for the addressable LEDs (Teensy board)
Here’s my cabinet.xml setup for the addressable LEDS. I used 3 ethernet channels instead of 1 going all the way around which i highly recommend as it would be easier to troubleshoot (or replace) any given section in the event of a problem.
This equates to these channels in DOF config tool note they are assigned to combos…
The combos are set:
Config files live in C:\Directoutput\Config\
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  1. 6 months ago

    I have a new cab with my Lights setup with PF_L = 60 leds, R = 60 and matrix = 256
    I have each one connected to separate pins off the teensy however mine is l, r them matrix… instead of it being in the middle.
    My issue is:
    I have power connected to dedicated PSU at 5v
    I have the signal to the separate Orange, Blue Green
    I have the gnd connected to the Orange/white, Blue/white and Green/white

    I have soldered 15/16 as I got the white leds on the PF_L and 64leds on the matrix… very strange.
    I have tried both Beta – which does the double blinks waiting for commands…
    I have tried alpha – does no blinking…

    Neither appear to work… I can load a table in Visual Pinball X for Cyclone or Twilight Zone.. and no LEDs…
    What could I be doing wrong?


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