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How to convert a VP9 table to Physmod5

Converting a table to Physmod for play testing takes less than a minute.  Play it and then tweak it to your liking, during play you may find no issues, or some issues that just need adjustment.

The Toolbox in Visual Pinball Physmod 5

General Process

  • Launch the Physmod 5 version of Visual Pinball
  • Open the VP9 Table
  • Save the VP9 Table from within the Physmod 5 version of Visual Pinball application, and modify the filename (or place it in a different directory, etc.) so that you may identify it as a Physmod 5 updated version





Changes in the ‘Physics and Graphics’ Backdrop setting

  • Click on ‘Backdrop’ button in the toolbox on the left-side of the screen
  • Confirm the Options floating window is opened by toggling the ‘Options’ button in the toolbox on the left-side of the screen

In Options window, in Physics, make these changes:

  • Set the Gravity Constant to 1
  • Set the Playfield Friction to 0.05 (Adjust this if you want more/less ball spin when hitting objects)
  • Unclick the Backdrop button

Backdrop Physics Setting for PM5


Table Settings Changes for Flippers

Confirm you are in the Table Settings, not the Backdrop Settings by toggling the Backdrop button in the left toolbar.

Select one of the flippers in the playfield.  You may be able to click it in the playfield, or you may use the ‘Select’ button in the Toolbox on the left-side of the screen.  It may be titled, FlipperRight, RightFlipper, etc. so look around.

Confirm that you have selected the flipper by confirming the settings window on the right-side of the screen is titled “Flipper”

For each Flipper, make the following changes:

Set Mass = 1

Set Strength around ~2200 to 2800 for modern SS tables or ~1300 for older EM tables

Set Elasticity = between 0.8 and 0.9

More information about the physics settings for the flippers may be found in the Flipper Physics page of this wiki.

Flipper Settings

Flipper Settings



Table Settings Changes for Slings, Bumpers and Kickers

The next steps are to adjust the bumpers, slings, and kickers

  • Select each bumper, sling and kicker using a similar method to the one used to select the flippers.
  • Increase the Force for each Sling, Bumper and Kicker by 20%
  • Lastly, increase the elasticity on any rubbers or posts that you think should have more rebound.
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  1. tabascoman77 3 years ago

    Tested this out with Twilight Zone. Getting a crash every single time the ball goes up the right ramp.


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