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ref :
ref :

or SAM you add the following to the end of the init routine:


Tables where this can be implemented is :

“acd_168h” – AC/DC – LE
“acd_170h” – AC/DC – LE
“avr_200” – Avatar
“avs_170” – Avengers
“bbh_170” – Big Buck Hunter
“bdk_294” – Batman Dark Knight
“csi_240” – Crime Scene Investigation
“fg_1200” – Family Guy
“ij4_210” – Indiana Jones
“im_183ve” – Iron Man Valult Edition
“mt_145” – Mustang
“mtl_170h” – Metallica LE
“nba_802” – Stern NBA
“potc_600” – Pirates of the Carribean
“rsn_110h” – Rolling Stones – LE
“shr_141” – Shrek
“smanve_101” – Spiderman Vault edition
“st_161h” – Star Trek LE
“tf_180” – Transformers
“tf_180h” – Transformers LE
“trn_174h” – Tron LE
“twd_160h” – The Walking Dead LE
“twenty4_150” – 24
“wof_500” – Wheel of Fortune
“wpt_140a” – World Poker Tour
“xmn_151h” – Xmen LE

Wpc95 tables will work just like the other WPCs (UseSolenoids=2). Same caveats apply.
In AFM for example you also need:

Const cSingleLFlip = 0
Const cSingleRFlip = 0

Otherwise the fast flip routine seems to think the table has upper flippers, and the left flipper triggers the diverter.

As of 6. June 2018, these WPC95 tables got support for fast flips, these include :

Attack from Mars
Cactus Canyon
Champion Pub
Cirqus Voltaire
Fish Tales
Junk Yard
Medieval Madness
Monster Bash
NBA Fastbreak
No Good Go(l)fers
Safe Cracker
Scared Stiff
Tales of the Arabian Nights

The whitestar supported games at the moment are:

apollo13, austin, Dale Jr., Elvis, godzilla, Grand Prix, harl_a30, hirolcas, id4, jplstw22, Lord of the Rings, lostspc, monopoly, NASCAR, nfl, playboys, rctycn, Ripley’s Believe It or Not!, shrkysht, simpprty, Sopranos, spacejam, sprk_103, startrp2, strikext, strxt_uk, swtril43, term3, twst_405, vipr_102, xfiles

There is also Capcom support for:

Big Bang Bar
Pinball Magic

Note however that VPinmame flippers never worked correctly in Capcom games, so updating these tables will require some mildly more extensive rework.

Update: Wob shared great sheet containing useful info for most vpx tables :

Please refer to the whatsnew.txt inside VPM archive for more details.

An alternative solution might also be to head over to github and see if the table script has been updated there.

The original thread still has some info that might be of interest

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