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By mjr – ref :

It might vary by device, but I always strongly recommend against using the Windows joystick calibration at all.  The way Windows thinks about a joystick is rather different from the way VP uses it – it’s basically a bit a misuse of the interface on VP‘s part, but its one we’re stuck with because Windows doesn’t provide a “pinball” input device type.  The problem with using the Windows calibration is that it wants to figure out the absolute maximum range of the joystick on each side of each axis, and it “stretches” the readings in the + and – directions on each axis according to what it finds.  That’s horribly wrong for an acceleration sensing device, because you want it to be perfectly linear across its whole 2D domain.  The Windows calibration will set up four different correction factors (+X, -X, +Y, -Y) that make each have a different effect.  So my advice is always to delete any Windows calibration you might have set up so that you can go back to linear response, which will produce the best results in VP.

As for the reason that VP 9 and 10 are so different in their nudge calibration, it’s a matter of the physics cycle timing.  The VP 10 physics cycle runs at 10x the rate of VP 9, which means that it samples the joystick input approximately 10x as often. That makes the nudge effect approximately 10x stronger in VP 10, so you have to reduce the gain accordingly.

The 10x factor is approximate because the true cycle timing varies in real-time according to CPU/GPU load.  So you will indeed see some variation from game to game, according to the complexity of the game’s physics, scripts, and graphics.  But even so, the nudge effect should be reasonably consistent across games in each VP version, so you should be able to find settings for VP 9 that work consistently for VP 9 games, and settings for VP 10 that work consistently for VP 10 games.  The two versions keep their own independent settings, so if you have both installed you don’t have to worry about conflicts – you can set them separately and they’ll each remember their settings.

Nudge calibration related I guess :

Nudge calibration for Desktop users via script by GtxJoe – ref :

Preferences->Video. Set Visual Nudge Strength = 0
To change button nudge strength, open the table script and look for this code in the Table_Keydown routine
If keycode = LeftTiltKey Then Nudge 90, 5
If keycode = RightTiltKey Then Nudge 270, 5
If keycode = CenterTiltKey Then Nudge 0, 5
Increase/decrease the last value, 5, in this example to get desired nudge behavior

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