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Issue is that the range of the X and Y axis was extremely low on my device meaning that you could never get the balance right as I was having to crank the gain to ridiculous levels and even then was giving me inconstant tilt in game.. well no longer!

Note this example is for my Pincontrol2 board although there’s no reason this method wouldn’t work with any other device. I am advised this is not a problem with all Pincontrol boards but it certainly has been for some! Other than this the PC2 has served me well and i wouldn’t hesitate to recommend ;)


Here’s my workaround.

Resources :    <- programs used (note you might have to copy-paste or type this link)! O_o       <- Nudge test table

  1. Create a folder to work with on your C: Drive for tweaking the nudge.
  2. Download and open DiView (from the above link). Note the X and Y axis, nudge and the middle sensor is only moving a little way when you shake the cabinet. img1
  3. To fix this I used a program called DXTweak2, it was intended for flight sim enthusiasts but works here too. Again, download and run this from the link above.
  4. By default the axis will range from -32767 to (positive) 32767 with a center point of 0. By reducing these extremes we can shorten the range and therefore make the nudge much more sensitive.






5. Using DXTweak to find a comfortable range where it would take a realistic shake of the cab to have an effect (I want a moderate shake to register about 70-80% up the scale) I settled on the following values. You can use these as a baseline if trying to follow on your own device.

Y axis min/max = -4200/4200

X axis min/max = -4600/4600

  • Then hit “Apply”
  • I also saved it as a “my tweaks” too, when i do this the program exits, i’m not sure if this is needed or not.
  • Good news is that this saves to registry so the changes (at least for me) persist on restart, no need to add anything to start-up etc!  :good:

You could have these the same… i wanted a bit more of a kick for forward tap with my setup as X axis requires more precision. The other axis should remain unchanged as this tweak shouldn’t be needed for your plunger.


7. In VPX i recommend a combination of two tables for testing – the “nudge test and calibration” table found at the link above and Attack from Mars by G5K (currently awaiting new hosting). The reason for the latter is that it features a toy that jiggles as you nudge the table however you can substitute this with any other VPX table that you are familiar with.

8. In the nudge test table, your movements are overly exaggerated. Experiment by setting a value in this table, back out, test in your game, repeat… repeat… Eventually you can get this feeling pretty realistic!

9. Last thing to note is that if you change a value in the VPX settings menu direct, you will need to re-start VPX to have the change work (so don’t just make change with AFM loaded and not restart). Also you will see that I ended up having to make the tilt sensitivity pretty high for realism. This might be nice with a physical tilt bob instead (maybe an upgrade for another day).


Here’s how i have this set in VPX currently, its actually playable now but may need a bit more tweaking still!






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