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The method described below is probably obsoleted from 21 June 2018 by the release of v1.7.


If you own a pindmd3 and you want to run with colored roms you need to replace your dmd drivers – replacing pindmd.dll with dmddevice.dll. This describe what I’ve done to get this working correctly. I should add though, dmddevice.dll is still under development and the hack described here is probably going to be outdated some time in the near ( ?! ) future.

In your pinmame folder – you’ll find your pindmd.dll – rename it to ( disables it )

Download dmd-ext and from that archive copy dmddevice.dll and dmddevice.ini to pinmame folder. You should edit the ini file so that the virtual dmd is turned off. You should also disable those dmd’ that are not in your cabinet pin2dmd, pindmd1, pindmd2.

I’ve put up a request for freezy to look into the matter that I can’t use this dll as a replacement for pindmd.dll for either pinballx or ultradmd.

So, once you disable pindmd.dll above – you will start got get problems with running the frontend and ultradmd, until you do the following hack. In both your pinballx folder and your ultradmd folder. Rename any pindmd.dll you have to ( keep as backup )

Do the same for xdmd.dll and xdmdnative.dll, rename them to and

Now, this is important – get lucky1 archive for dmddevice from vpu.

The archive contains the xdmd-/xdmdnative.dll files you need to replace in both Pinballx and UltraDMD folder. But, the dll that is in the vpinmame\pindmdv3 folder SHOULD NOT BE REPLACED with the one in vpinmame. Copy this into your pinballx and your ultradmd folder.

Good luck – as I said initially, this is likely to change in the future, but, this was the only way I was able to replace pindmd.dll for dmddevice.dll in my cab.

If you need to revert – it should be easy enough. Just delete the xdmd.dll, xdmdnative.dll and dmdevice.dll that you installed in their respective folders and rename back those original files we in the first place renamed to *.off

Oh – and, yes … the current patches for Shrek and PotC are using inframe coding and are only supported with pin2dmd hardware.

Update: If you have trouble following this guide. This thread over at vpf seems to have helped at least one guy.

Also, I advise you to install this Microsoft patch


( KB2533623 )


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  1. Tom Speirs 2 years ago


    Here is the latest version of XDMD with support for dmddevice.dll and dmddevice64.dll

    Note Freezys unified version does not seem to work but the PinMAME ones seem to for me.

    I only tested with PinDMD3 and PinballX. Flash support was removed and a new function added. So I don’t know about UltraDMD support.

    This includes source code and ready to go binaries for Pin2DMD.

    I know source code is horrible but I am a self confessed hacker!


  2. Josh 2 years ago

    Is this still relevant because I am having issues with ultradmd and pindmd3


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