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Ramps are used to get the ball to a higher elevation level.

Note: Ramps cannot move, or go up & down yet. Maybe in a later version of Visual Pinball

Ramp Button

First Lets Create a Ramp:If you don’t have a table already opened File / New to open a new Table. Click on the Ramp button Move Cursor towards the table you are building. It should turn into a Ramp cursor, click this where you would like your Ramp placed. And you get a Ramp.

Now that we have a Ramp Created we can look at the Ramp Option Properties.

Click on options in the ToolBar and select the Ramp by clicking on it.

Doing this will show us the Ramp properties.

Ramp Type

Shows the 3 types of ramps to choose from. Flat, 4Wire, 2Wire.

(no displayed)

Ramp – Name for type of object you have selected.

Name – Ramp1 The name of the Ramp, you can change this to whatever you want. Tip I usually don’t rename the Ramp.

.——Colors & Formating

Type – Ramo Type: RampTypeFlat, RampType4Wire, RampType2Wire,RampType3WireLeft,RampType3WireRightLeft. See Picture below Ramp Options

Image – Select an Image you have imported from the scroll down list.

Mode – See picsonramps.zip & click on the ramps & look at their options, you’ll see both Modes used in the example.ImageModeWorld – Is for using a whole table image in wich you have a ramp drawn on already. Gives you the image thats under the Ramp. Usually a 512 x1024 image. ImageModeWrap – Will stretch an image to fill in the ramp. So you don’t have to use a full table image.

Apply Image to Walls – Puts the selected image on the walls of the Ramp also, if checked.

Color – Change the color of the Ramp.

Cast Shadow of the ramp . Checked by default


Top Height – Changes the Top Height of the Ramp. Default is 100

Bottom Height – Changes the Bottom Height of the Ramp. Default is 0

Top Width – Changes the Top Width of the Ramp. Default is 60

Bottom Width – Changes the Bottom Width of the Ramp. Default is 75

Visible Wall – displays the side wall of the flat ramp type

Left Wall – height of displayed wall

Right Wall – height of displayed wall


Physical Wall -height of physical wall
Note: sometime you need a heigher wall than the visible hold the ball on the ramp.

Left Wall – height of physical wall

Right Wall – height of physical wall


note: using unknown because there is no ramp event (could be used as ordinary timer)

Timer Enabled – Unchecked is default. The Timer is off. He can be activated in the script and called by the procedure RampName_Timer()

Timer Interval – If enabled will call PlungerName_Timer() in the script .Unchecked is default.This option defines the time befor the procecedure is started 1000=1 second.

UserValue – This Variable is userdefined and can be use for wathever you want. I use it often as event flag in the script.


Note: You will need a graphic program to make Images. File/Export/BluePrint… After you save the Image you can open it in your graphics program. If you made a ramp & exported a blue print, the Ramp will show up on the BluePrint.bmp Open it up in your Graphic Program to edit it. You can draw over the Ramp part of BluePrint to make a ramp image. Export the whole image at 512 x 1024 & Import it Using Table/Image Manager… Then you can select it in the Ramp Options in the Image Scroll Down bar. This describes making Ramp graphics for ImageModeWorld.



Ramps are A little hard to work with. When you make one they come with a few problems, The Ball falls off the side easily so you need to add walls on the sides to help keep the ball on. The Ball can get stuck under or behind the bottom part of the ramp, so you may need to build a wall to keep the ball out of there.

Using demo4rampspinner.zip

In the Demo you can see the walls I had to build to help keep the ball on the ramp.

I built a Tunnel next to the ramp also, In the Editor take note to the Wall Options & look at the walls Top Heights & Bottom Heights surrounding the ramp. This will give you an idea of what is needed if you have Ramp troubles. Also Take a look at the Ramp, it starts with 1 Ramp & goes into another. Take a look at the Ramp Options & see how this is done.

Building A Simple Ramp

Make a Ramp, move cursor close to the spot you’d like to add a point.

Right click & select Add Point.
You now have a new point added to the ramp.
Add a few more points to the ramp
Keep adding points to make more spots to curve the Ramp.

Select all of the Points in the Ramp.

Right Click over each Point, & select smooth
And you get a Ramp thats is smoother.

Note:Option Slingshot will strighten a ramp portion . Slingshot has nothing to do here with the the slingshot applied on a wall or target.


source:  http://www.armuco.ch/

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  1. bigjuzza 8 months ago

    The Loop ramp on Doctor Who VPX is impossible to get the ball up. Does anyone know how to adjust or fix?

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