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In this example we want to start over by deleting the old settings for table. In this case it is Funhouse and it uses the rom name “fh905h”. How can you know ? Open the table – press the “script” button on the left in the editor. Inside the script search for ‘cgamename’. In 90% of the cases it will say camename = <romname>.

Close the table.

So, now to the cleanup process :

<windows-key> + R <enter>

regedit <enter>

You get the registry editor – looking like this. Navigate to the rom ( look at the bottom of the picture, this is where you want to navigate to ) mark it with left mouse, right click and choose delete. Make sure you only select the name that correspond to the table and rom you want to reset.

Now, you can restart “clean”. By that I mean, default values will be applied.

Some settings, like the old DMD position and DDRAW will be set to default again.


This procedure doesn’t 100% reset your settings. But, in 99% percent of the cases this is enough.

Deleting corresponding nvram file, cleaning settings in VPReg.stg or maybe a text file in vpinmame\user folder might in some cases also be needed.

There is a tool to reset the settings in the global settings file “VPReg.stg”. Look no further than

I’ve put it in the \vpinmame\user folder, and run it from there if I for some reason want to reset options. contains discussion on its use.

If you end up here, deleting the registry key, nvram etc. And you table is still acting weird. Could it be a backglass related problem ? Maybe it is running in EXE modus, or simply is giving you problems because how it is made ?


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