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Table Credits and Permission mod


When do you need permission?

If you are modding an existing table or using resources from a previous version you MUST get permission from the table author and you MUST provide credits to ALL previous contributors.  Some tables will be flagged “yes to mod without approval” these are free to mod but you should still be citing all credits.  Other tables will be flagged “permission to mod, yes with approval.”  These permission flags also apply to resources that are not publicly available outside of the table download.

How to credit:

MODS:  If you are releasing a mod it should be indicated in the title that it is a mod.  On the release page of the table all the credits from the previous table version(s) should be listed.  An easy way is to just copy paste their credits below yours.  If the credits are extensive and have many contributors it is acceptable to only list the main contributors and just provide a link to the original download when possible.  In any case it’s never a bad idea to link to the original download(s).

Resources:  If you only used some resources for a from scratch build it should be mentioned in release credits which resources were acquired from which table and any credits that may be attached to them.  Ex.  Table plastic scans used from X table provided by Y author.

An example of a table mod with proper credits: Example


I realize that to most who have been a part of the VP community for a long time this would seem like common sense but I felt this needed outlining to hopefully avoid issues with table mods and credits in the future.  VPB is all about respecting the hard work of it’s contributors and I felt having an actual protocol could potentially help new contributors get off on the right foot as well as improve over all documentation of table credits.  This is also to help avoid ‘modders’ from shedding the credits of previous contributors and essentially making it their own work, which can then just be modded without permission effectively disrespecting the original authors terms of distribution.

It should be noted that table releases/uploads that do not follow the above guidelines are not likely to be approved here on VPB.



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