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Copy this text below into notepad or any other text editor. Save it as whather.reg – the extention ‘.reg’ is important. Make sure that no older UltraDMD processes are running – they have a tendency to do that. If you are unsure how, reboot. Now double click the file you created and UltraDMD should now come up again at the position 0,0 (x and y) once you restart VP.

`Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00



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  1. randr 2 years ago

    Thalamus your the best! I’m sure this will help a lot of people.

    • yero 2 years ago

      Getting the following error when trying to run the script.
      Cannot import. The specified file is not a registry script.You can only import binary registry files from within the registry editor.
      any thoughts?

  2. Author
    Thalamus 2 years ago

    Yes. You need the top line as well. The text that say “Windows registry editor …”

    Or there is another trick you can exploit. JPSalas and his latest Serious Sam table. He actually unhide the UltraDMD before starting the table. For people like me, with a Real DMD, it isn’t the greatest. But, I know how to disable that from happening so – lets call it a back door into getting it to show again.


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