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    Fixed the right bottom pop bumper, no other changes from the existing version. Worth an update?

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      Fixed the right bottom pop bumper, no other changes from the existing version. Worth an update?

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      yes worth a update!


      Messing with the VPinball app and push notifications.
      So if you haven't downloaded app yet what are you waiting for!?


      Thank you for this beautiful table


      this is a beautiful table thanks very much!

      One quick thing: is there an emulation issue since the movies are out of sync (lag) with the voices. they all play in slow motion. its not my pc and I have no problems with any other stern games.


       Major Frenchy 

      Thank you.

      Is this table for Desktop or Cabinet? is it B2S compatible?


      Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/mameinabox
      Site: https://www.mameinabox.com


      As of Visual Pinball 10 (VPX) the tables all include desktop (landscape) and cabinet (portrait) orientations within the same table.  Tables for previous versions (VP9) are the last tables that required two separate tables for desktop and cabinet… and are not compatible with the VPX executable.  All VPX tables are going to be b2s compatible.


      The ball keeps getting stuck bouncing behind the grail cup for eternity :(

      Any fix for this?


      How can I play this table? What version of Visual Pinball do you use. The link on the right side towards the middle of this page is .vpt table. The link all the way towards the bottom is a .vpx table. I don’t know why? With the .vpt table I tried that and it would only go landscape on my computer screen. I was using Visual Pinball 9.9.5

      For the .vpx table (Visual Pinball 10.5, it complains about things in the script such as Line 979; light doesn’t support this property or method offimage.)

      I wish on this website, there would be a description of what “specific” version of visual pinball / cabinet to use for every pinball game. Call it VP program: Cabinet / Visual Pinball X.5 etc

      This is the first game I’ve had landscaping issues with Visual Pinball 8, 9, or 10. ????I’m surprised no one is having the same issues unless is supposed to be only a cabinet version game.


      VPX, try to get the latest VPX Version and try again …

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      what do you need for a update , im a newbee so i can’t make a table but i wil help  :good:


      @lostworldpinball : As a newcomer I can understand your current point of view. The devs do their very best to not break compatibility going further with VPX. Sometime though. Bugs has been relied upon and when the devs fix those tables need to be updated. The idea is to always go forward so anything VPX should work as you have the latest. I’m happy that the sites doesn’t provide the info about what version the tables was made with. There is enough questions about how to treat VP correctly installed as it is :-)

      I’m not talking about this table. This is a general response.

      I don’t think I have this tables in my collection so I can’t say that it is broken or not. Could give it a try later on to see if I get the same error I guess.


      Try This One


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      Have Troubles – i think since the last Beta’s, e.g. captive Balls Jumping for a Long time in the Area, then you can’t end a Game … @freneticamnesic please you can take a look at this ? Slings Maybe in the Area …

      But i have to check that again, sorry if i used the “4K Thing” … Maybe i should use/try the “Master Edition” here/again ;-)  …

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      • This reply was modified 1 month, 3 weeks ago by  STAT.

      Ah well, didn’t notice, this is your old-but-Gold VP9 Version … still have Troubles with the “4K VPX”,
      unfortunately this is the only VPX … :cry:

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      Someone or you Fren, already fixed something?

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