Website disclaimer
Read the following before downloading ANY files
All game files stored here are for the purpose of preservation and archival reproduction.
Computer programs and video games distributed in formats that original media or hardware as a
condition of access, when circumvention is accomplished for the purpose of preservation or
archival reproduction of published digital works by a library or archive.
As stated above this site provides these files for the purpose of preservation and archival
reproduction, which is permitted by the above legislation.
These exemptions went into effect upon publication in the Federal Register on November 27,
2006, and will remain in effect through October 27, 2009.
As such, by downloading ANY files from this website you are contractually agreeing to the rules
mentioned below:
• You own a license for any ROM / image you download. You must own the actual game
Cartridge in order to do so.
• You will NOT distribute any of these files.
• You will NOT attempt to make any profit from any of these files.
• You agree to the fact that all ROMs and images are hosted by us in good faith, and we
can NOT be held responsible if users download files illegally.
• You acknowledge that all files on this site are provided “as is” and we can NOT be held
responsible if these files affect your system in any way.
By downloading ANY files from this website or any of its affiliates, you are agreeing to all the
above terms. If you do not agree you must not download any files and you should leave this
Console ROM images
Due to the quasi legal status of ROM images, it seemed necessary to place a vivid legal
disclaimer. Most laws concerning ROMs are somewhat of a gray area, laws vary from country to
country on the legality of owning or transmitting ROMs. Generally you are required to be in
actual possession of the actual cartridge/PC board in order to legally retain a copy of the ROM.
Make sure you are aware of your local laws before downloading anything from this website.
Regardless, we will not be held legally responsible. If you do download anything from this
website you do so implying consent that you alone hold all due responsibility. You have been
warned. Any software available on this website against the wishes of an individual or company
will be removed without question.
As with most software there is a possibility that some of the ROMs/Images or emulators MAY
contain viruses, having said this it is EXTREMELY RARE and so far none of the available
downloads from this site have been found to contain viruses. Just to prevent any issues always
make sure you have a good virus scanner.


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