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    • Author: randr
    • Version: 10.5
    • Views: 12606
    • File size: 43.87 MB
    • Downloads: 18884
    • File Author: hmueck and the respective authors
    • Updated: July 29, 2018
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  • All-in-one (almost) installer (VPX10.5.0, VP9.9.5, VP9.9PM5(updated Plunger/Accel/Surround MOD), VP9.2.1, VP8, VPM3.1, DMDext, X/UltraDMD, B2S, DX9webinstaller, Core.vbs scripts). Open the zip, run the .exe, enjoy.

    Simply run the installer!

    • • *** VPX ***
    • - add ScreenSpace Reflections to the global video and table user properties, strength can be changed in the table lighting panel
    • This adds very fake, but also very fast local reflection effects to all table elements
    • - make exclusive fullscreen the new default when using Windows 10 build 1803 and above
    • - add option to the global video preferences to disable reflections of dynamic elements on the playfield (to help lower end PC systems)
    • - static table elements are now over-sampled/better anti-aliased and always rendered at highest detail level (latter only applicable for rubbers and ramps)
    • - improve quality of internal DMD shader, now it's almost resolution independent, especially when using it via flashers (e.g. FSS tables and the like)
    • - fix issue with optimized dynamic group rendering of primitives, in general note that
    • 1. if all elements in a group are dynamic primitives/meshes and all these use the same texture and same material, they will be grouped into
    • one big render buffer/single render call to speed up the rendering of transparent meshes on the table (like the plastics for example)
    • 2. if elements are grouped together they will be treated as a group in the editor. Click on it and all elements in that group are selected at once
    • 3. if you group primitives you can't animate or move/rotate them dynamically via script!
    • - throw balls in player: add support to change the default ball mass when throwing a ball. The user can also set the default ball mass in the editor options (menu: preferences)
    • - built-in ball control: Enable in debug window (or via "ball control always on" in the global options)
    • - left mouse click directs the ball towards the mouse cursor, left flipper key releases control
    • - can also double click to make the active ball jump to the cursor
    • - can hold left mouse button down to guide the ball
    • - if "throw" and "ball control" are both checked, one can use the throwing action on the ball control instead of making a new ball
    • - increase usable UI layers from 8 to 11
    • - script button can now both open and close the script editor
    • - optionally make View->Script always show the script (see new option in Preferences->Editor Options)
    • - add copy/paste feature for control points. Select a control point, press the "Copy" button or CTRL+C to copy the coordinates.
    • Then select another control point of another element and press the "Paste" button or leave the mouse cursor over the control point and press CTRL+V.
    • ATTENTION: you can also copy/paste control points of the same element but this can lead to bad shapes of the selected element
    • - add units conversion feature from VPUnits -> inches/millimeters in the status bar for control points.
    • If you select two control points of a wall/ramp the status bar shows the distance of X/Y in the selected unit.
    • The unit used for the conversion can be set in the editor options dialog.
    • - make the Edit->Search/Select Element un-minimize if minimized when selected
    • - fix detection of used materials (bumpers, triggers & kickers were missing) and used images (color grading LUT was missing)
    • - fix sound device selection/mapping for music (i.e. usually the backglass device)
    • - add 'Set Defaults' button to the editor properties to reset editor changes and position/size of the script window
    • - configurable global flipper physics sets: setting a negative value for a flipper physics setting in there will ignore that value and use the respective table flipper value instead
    • - fix immediate player shutdown if global physics sets not setup/initialized by the user in the global options
    • - fix wrong initialization order for global physics sets, leading to uninitialized physics parameters on the first run of a table (including potential crashes due to strange values)
    • - fix EOS Torque and EOS Torque Angle not overriding the table flipper settings when used via the global (flipper) physics sets
    • - rubbers now fully respect the element detail level slider, plus their hit shapes feature less triangles (=faster physics/collisions)
    • - fix rubber triangulation issue leading to visual artifacts (especially in the editor) and rarely also weird physics behavior
    • - fix ramp collision/internal walls reaching below and above the actual visible walls or wires, which was mainly an issue for rather straight and/or very steep ramps
    • - improve gate swing physics, correct backwards initial swing, and expose new gravity factor parameter.
    • Also add some "bounce back" for 1-way gates. Currently set up to use as-is defaults, but Wrd1972 recommends the following settings:
    • Ideal setting for GATE motion:
    • Elasticity = .4 (default)
    • Friction = .02 (default)
    • Dampening = .85
    • Gravity = 3
    • Ideal for SWITCH ACTUATOR motion:
    • Elasticity = .4 (default)
    • Friction = .02 (default)
    • Dampening = .9
    • Gravity = 1
    • - animate bumper skirts depending on ball impact
    • - add RingDropOffset to the bumper element
    • - fix rendering of bumper base/skirt if ring is disabled
    • - update bumper base, ring and skirt with better meshes provided by flupper1
    • - allow reels and textboxes to be moved via the script (and textboxes can also be placed at floating point precision level)
    • - add 'Disable Lighting from below' functionality for Targets and Walls (0..1) to optionally disable light coming from below (e.g. from light elements)
    • - handle corner case if a timer is disabled and then re-enabled within its own handler to prevent falsifying the timer interval
    • - fix flipper element's EOS Torque and EOS Torque Angle and Elasticity and ElasticityFalloff and RampUp to be able to be changed by the script
    • - draw also flipper thickness in the editor
    • - fix triggers getting "stuck" when the ball is moving fast
    • - fix kicker export bug
    • - update builtin tables with 3 different sling arms (thanks bord and BorgDog)
    • - fix obscure bug where starting the blank/built-in tables with the options pane closed causes the ball to levitate off the table
    • - allow ESC-key to resume table if pause dialog is up
    • - add -EnableTrueFullscreen (force enables/overrides the true fullscreen video preference) to command line
    • - improve table exit performance (particularly when using Windows 10 build 1803)
    • - log message in debug window when PlaySound is called for a sound that's missing in the sound manager
    • - add VPTableStart broadcast message for frontends as notification that playfield should be shown
    • - update BASS library to
    • *** CORE SCRIPTS ***
    • ' New in 3.56 (Update by nFozzy, DJRobX, Fuzzel)
    • ' - Add specialized sega2.vbs for Apollo 13 and GoldenEye
    • ' - Update gts1.vbs and hankin.vbs so that the common coin keys (e.g. "5") also add coins on Gottlieb System 1 and Hankin tables
    • ' - vpmFlips fixes / improvements
    • ' - Fixed vpmFlips execute script error
    • ' - Added extra error check for detecting outdated system vbs files when UseSolenoids = 2
    • ' - Change GameOnSolenoid from 16 to 19 for Hankin
    • ' - Fixed an execute script issue that was causing dead flippers for some system languages
    • ' - S.A.M. fast flips support: To activate, add InitVpmFFlipsSAM to the table init.
    • ' Should work for most games (see PinMAME whatsnew for supported sets). May need additional configuration for two-stage flipper support.
    • ' - Whitestar fast flips support
    • ' - Capcom fast flips support
    • ' - Fix WPC tables that use 'cSingleLFlip' (regression from 3.55)
    • ' - Fix script errors if using NudgePlugIn.vbs
    • ' - Add Rubber, Ramp, Flasher, Primitive and HitTarget support to vpmToggleObj
    • ' - Add Rubber, Primitive and HitTarget support to vpmCreateEvents
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    • #93945

      All-in-one (almost) installer (VPX10.5.0, VP9.9.5, VP9.9PM5(updated Plunger/Accel/Surround MOD), VP9.2.1, VP8, VPM3.1, DMDext, X/UltraDMD, B2S, DX9webinstaller, Core.vbs scripts). Open the zip, run the .exe, enjoy.


      Fantastic. Been messin’ with pinmame for decades. Never has it been easier. Huge thanks for this. I do however have an issue. Running in desktop mode and getting alot of  ” terminated- check rom path” errors. Some games that require roms work (Ali for example)fine and some dont. Definitely have roms in proper folder and not unpacked. Usually the line in the script is  “Controller.Run”. Also I definitely have the correct roms in the VPMame roms folder. One is “frpwr_c7” Id really appreciate some insight. cheers. BTW the table usually launches fine.

      edit- Turns out having the “Force exclusive FS mode” ticked was the culprit.


      After installation:
      For the Cabinet-Mode the checkbox “Use always FS backdrop settings” must be set
      and the checkbox “Fullscreen – Force Exclusive Fullscreen Mode” must NOT be set
      (otherwise the DMD-tables will not work!)


      @moni : The reason for fullscreen not working is that ddraw in registry needs to be changed from 1 to 0. After that change, it will work just fine.

      https://www.vpforums.org/index.php?showtopic=26893&p=382149 is just one of many threads explaining this.

      I recommend. Export registry for freeware, then do a search/replace and import again.

    Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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