Cuphead Pro (D. Goblett & Co 2020)

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Welcome to Cuphead Pro …  the “Perdition Edition.” All new game features and customizations. V3 has some fixes and a new b2s file. Read about them in the Changlog.

@Scottacus and @bord got to tinkering with Cuphead, seeing that a few improvements would have a big impact on the game play and fun factor. They shared it with me and Yowza!  it was spiffy berries! I’m humbled by their interest in making this game better, and grateful for what they’ve done. I merely made some suggestions and updated some graphics.

The most notable changes are 2-ball multiball  on your third entry to Perdition, flipper controlled rotating top lane lights, nfozzy physics, and your choice of flipper size (2″ flippers for greater challenge, 3″ flippers for kids and me). Pay attention to multiball and you’ll see a fun bonus addition.  

There are also several script and scoring fixes, along with some nifty visual improvements. Check out the new center bumper that releases multiball!


-Music can be disabled in the script (line 45 MusicOn) to prevent errors from occurring during runtime for those who don’t have the music files
-Free Play can be enabled in the script (line 53 FreePlay)
-The table can automatically set the bonus at x2 for the last ball (line 57 LastBallDoubleBonus)
-The SOUL lights can be controlled by the flippers (line 60 ShiftControl)
-The SOUL lights lit can be kept from ball to ball (line 73 SoulLightReset)
-Flippers can be set to 2” or 3” (line 69 FlipperLength or ”A” key in game play)
-Mechanical plungers can make game sounds upon pull and release (line 78 PlungerSound)
-Music volume for the table can be controlled in the options menu (hold left flipper in standby mode to enter)

This game is not distributed with the music. 

This is a tribute to the game and its creators, StudioMDHR. Cuphead is a game that was designed to have music  from the  Fleischer Studios inspired videogame. I love everything about Cuphead and am not interested in a “swell battle” with StudioMDHR.  If you want the full effect of the table, with the brilliant music of Kris Maddigan, buy or download the soundtrack and add the songs.  A list of recommended songs, that coordinate with each “Boss,”  is below.

It is built on @loserman76 ‘s EM chassis, with extra parts pulled from @borgdog ‘s stripped EM table. @bord coached me on creating PF meshes with the help of his video tutorials, @xenonph added music scripting  and some sounds, @thalamus sweetened the SSF and audio. All of the above helped with scripting and ideas, along with cyberpez. My son, Max, was a consultant that made sure I remained true to the spirit of the game.

Since this is an original table layout, mods are not permitted. (Unless your Scottacus or bord).

NOTE: Distribution of this table or its related files on a computer, virtual pinball machine or storage device, which is SOLD as part of a commercial product, or sharing this file as part of “all in one” package installation via Mega (or similar sites) or via a file transfer process is not allowed. 

Add music: Buy the soundtrack, or purchase 12 Cuphead songs you love, convert to .mp3 and rename them “CupMusic1.mp3” through “CupMusic10.mp3, CupAttract.mp3 and CupHighScore.mp3” then place in your Music folder. I recommend the songs that correspond to the 10 bosses on the playfield, “Die House” for attract mode, and “Funfair Fever” for high score.

Determine the length in milliseconds of each song using software like Audacity; this allows for looping the song if you good enough to play through an entire song. Change the last 6 digit number that corresponds to each song.

Ex:    Case 1:PlayMusic”CupMusic2.mp3″:m02.enabled=true:m02.interval=230700

230700 milliseconds = 3 minutes 50 seconds 700 milliseconds.

3 x 60 seconds x 1000 = 180000, plus 50 x 1000 = 230000, plus 700 milliseconds = 230700

Here are the songs that correspond to the Bosses.


  • Botanic Panic = The Root Pack
  • Clip Joint Calamity = Ribby and Croaks
  • Threatenin’ Zeppelin = Hilda Berg
  • Floral Fury = Cagney Carnation
  • Carnival Kerfuffle = Beppi the Clown
  • Aviary Action = Wally Warbles
  • Shootin and Lootin = Capt. Brineybeard
  • High Seas Hijinks = Cala Maria
  • Junkyard Jive = Dr. Kahl’s Robot
  • Railroad Wrath = Phantom Express


Zip file includes VPX, directb2s, and a couple of wheel logos for “Cuphead Pro”


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