VR Room Pinbot (Williams 1986)

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This is a VR Room conversion of Bord’s Pinbot Table (full credits – as shown on the original table – below).  This table was fully playable in VR, with a working backglass by Rothbauerw already in.  It was however just a floating table and still needed the cabinet and room.  The topper was my first attempt at Blender, and since it’s basically just a cylinder, it was a fun first project.

Special thanks to pgheyd for all the changes to V1.01 and 1.1 (all of which notated in the script and in the changelog) including:  Fixed larger backglass, lighting adjustments and many visual fixes.  The triggers were backwards which he fixed and helped me fix the flipper physics.

Thanks to Sixtoe and Pgheyd (especially for the speaker!) for the VR room assets.


Original table credits:


Blacksad for letting me package his great B2S and wheel image with this download

djrobx – scripting

rothbauerw – scripting/testing/gameplay tweaking/magic/VR backglass

32assassin – base script

tnjhead – slingshot scans

Ted Bowie – measurements from actual PB

HF – playfield touchup

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