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Dicko Hampton VIC, Australia 2 pinball machines
Dan W Digital Pincab 80 West 18th Street, Holland, MI, USA
Rotativotv 28.27551472115517,-81.41754533188032
Bleifuss22 Digital Pincab 53.551086, 9.993682 Hamburg, Germany
Tarcísio Digital Pincab -20.54804686942507, -47.38989385128059 Pinball do Tar
xMRx Digital Pincab 44.63026178718485, -63.64508665147923 Happy vpincab user
LlamaStick's Project BaLLS Digital Pincab 53.27722227696578,-1.2891446268192794 Bought loads of the bits, and working up the courage to commit to the woodwork!
Al's Digital Pincab 40.530092051109456,-88.97057118847152 VirtuaPin cab.
Adold Digital Pincab 1112 Twin Oaks Drive, Madison, SD, USA
Adold Digital Pincab 1112 Twin Oaks Drive, Madison, SD, USA
Bob A Digital Pincab 43.03703725036218,-78.87255191792059
Jays Arcade Digital Pincab Silverdale, WA 98383, United States Little Red. My first virtual mini-pincab. Cab runs SSF, and left, right, back addressable RGBs, as well as a beacon and some strobes. For a mini, this thing is packed with stuff. I also have a Mini Pacman "Mame" cab, a full size "Mame" cab and a retro-pie bartop, but Little Red is my favorite!
MartyMoose Digital Pincab -27.847614157263816,153.33761930465698 Love VP
MrBungle Digital Pincab -33.05153312987457, 151.6530740261078
Fusionwerks Digital Pincab 36.73888412439431, -95.361328125 40" 4k, 32" BG, 15" DMD, Pinscape controllers, 5 RGB flashers, strobe, beacon, 10 contactors, shaker, gear
Fusionwerks Digital Pincab Lincoln, AR, United States
Adrian Digital Pincab -12.510877, 130.971826 VPIN Cab
Siggi's Pin Reichelsheim, Germany
funhouseuk 53.80688539322939,-1.7241668701171875 Visual Pinball Cabinet
KevinU 53.63201776804796,-113.62644195556635 Scratch build standard body. 43" playfield, 32" backglass, 19" DMD.
Digital Pincab 44.85894799895049,9.871274828910827 Amuro's Pincab
Martin Digital Pincab Engelhartstetten, Austria
Opus33321 Virtuapin Mini Cab 26.23045248853893,-80.29463052749628 Virtuapin MiniCab running 72 tables, VP9, VPX and Pro Pinball Ultra
Joster's Pinball 41.964915011877984,-87.71600446429443 Joster's Minicab in Chicago (Albany Park)
widescreenx Digital Pincab Mittelbuchen, Hanau, Germany 32" playfield, 24" backglass, PIN2DMD, Win 10, PinballX
RodolpheR 47.8099698297153,6.682101488113403
Jinxys Vpcab 43.89901385139916, -78.7825009971857 Oshawa
Digital Pincab 51.36760086352877,9.523086547851562
Digital Pincab 51.36760086352877,9.523086547851562
TerryRed's mancave featuring PinKadia 4244 Kelly Farm Drive, Gloucester, ON, Canada TerryRed's mancave featuring PinKadia (my pinball and arcade cabinet), racing and flying simpit, and VR!
Ray pinball Digital Pincab -37.59725243576846,144.92628479056293 46" playfield 32" Backbox 15" DMD
Virtual pinball fanatic Assen, Netherlands
toxie's cab 52.51625575268121,13.377708569169044 World-first stereo3D VPinball cabinet back in the days.. :) Looks still unfinished, but plays well..
Brent's pinball 2633 SW Berkshire Dr, Topeka, KS, United States Pin cab with 150 + VPX tables
Torsten's Cab Digital Pincab Opladen, Leverkusen, Germany 42" playfield (full HD), 32" backglass, 19" DMD, Win7 64bit, Pinball X, Nvdia GTX 970, I5, 9 Siemens contactors, several toys
Loaf's place Forest Park, Ontario, Canada
arconovum 45.418937358109204,-75.76274871826166 Soon to be FSS/Mame machine
Sindbad's man cave Digital Pincab 49.653547532733434, 8.986799581485002 46" Full HD playfield , 30" Full HD back glass, 17" DMD, INTEL i5 4670K, 16GB RAM, nVidia 760N, Win 10 64bit, frontend PinballX
"I can't believe it's not pinball!" machine Digital Pincab New Albany, IN, United States Mata Hari cabinet. 37" & 29" monitors. Real Vishay DMD. VirtuaPin plunger kit. Long, difficult project, but worth it.
Wannaplay's Indiana Jones Cab Digital Pincab 51.91547511962384, 4.36313197016716
Nick's Digital Pincab Hampton St, East Brisbane, Queensland, Australia full running build....though v2.0 will being built soon
Pinball Fantasies Digital Pincab Mausetvegen 90, Brumunddal, Norway Williams Widebody Digital pinball cabinet Playfield - 46" Samsung FullHD TV Backglass - 32" Lg FullHD TV DMD - Pin2DMD PC: Intel 3550K quad core cpu 8GB Ram Nvidia GeForce gtx 760 2GB Toys: 5 x Rgb flashers 2 x Flashers 10 x Siemens contactors Shaker and Gear motor Rotating LED Beacon Red/Blue
Reaper802 Multiball Digital Pincab Digital Pincab 20001 N Snow Hill Manor Rd, Lexington Park, MD, United States 27" wide digital pincab. 47" playfield monitor, 32" backglass monitor, 17" LCD DMD monitor. 50+ tables with a mix of VPX and FX2. Cabinet graphics by Stuzza, printed air release vinyl by Brad.
robwaade Long Lake, MN, United States
rhotax74 Digital Pincab 50.040697839227796, 19.961330518099203 "Battlefild Virtual Pinball", Widebody, 3 screen (Playfield LED 42" Full Hd, LED Backglass 30" Full Hd, DMD LCD 19") Win 7 64Bit, Frontend PinballX
SiKo Games Digital Pincab Sinsacate, Córdoba, Cordoba, Argentina 3 Screen 40" playfield 32" Back Glass 19" DMD ... Win7 64 MOD, i7 8GB SSD240 Mala Front End
lkadlec Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia
Daveytron Digital Pincab Hobart, Tasmania, Australia Mid size cab with 26in wide screen & 17in back glass monitor. I also have Williams wide body to convert to a full size pin cab, used to be Steller wars.
Daveytron Digital Pincab Hobart, Tasmania, Australia Mid size cab with 26in wide screen & 17in back glass monitor. I also have Williams wide body to convert to a full size pin cab, used to be Steller wars.
Thalamus 66.33914985816875,14.160046577453613 Pinball Tribute
Dazz (Owner Digital Pincab 32.883263266394934, -97.25624442100525 HyperPin 2125
Dubay's Arcayde Digital Pincab Littleton, CO, United States Acquired a gutted widebody 70's Atari cab. 48", 32" and 15" displays. Full DOF with solonoids and contactors. LEDWIZ in front of a Sainsmart16. Stern shaker motor (rattles the cab real good). No LED stuff (yet)
SunDevil Digital Pincab Lilburn, GA, United States 3 Screen DIY wide-body custom built.
47.09145381670679, 9.344966411590576
Johngreve Eagle, WI, United States
MBIRK Digital Pincab Maricopa, AZ, United States 3 Screen, Williams Widebody DIY CAB Kit from Virtua, Zeb Plunger/Nudge, Complete 5.25" Flipper Fidelity Sound System w/Amp, Working Coin Door,
Namnuta Calgary, Alberta, Canada Homemade 3 Screen Williams Widebody Full feedback including shaker. Nudge. Plunger
RaDiKal Syracuse, NY, United States 2-screen DIY wide-body
RaDiKal Syracuse, NY, United States 2-screen DIY wide-body
Scrappy555 Digital Pincab Concord, NH, United States
AndersArtig Digital Pincab Düsseldorf, Germany Black paint System11 Williams Cab
Naboodiver Digital Pincab Maryville, TN, United States Wide body cab built by me.
Naboodiver Digital Pincab Maryville, TN, United States Wide body cab built by me.
Umpa Bloomington, IL, United States 3 screen cab with DOF
ClydeDrexler Digital Pincab -33.4877060613645, -70.57345747947693 Santiago, Chile
mountainman Digital Pincab Canton, GA, United States Homemade wiillams widebody cab with 3 monitors, Zeb plunger/nudge. 10 contactors, gear/shaker, 5 LED backboard/ CarAmp w/ speaker/sub
BorgDog + 47.92278444035087, -120.88531494140625 Cabin w/mini pincab
Epistaxis Digital Pincab Rancho Cordova, CA, United States
MnHotRod Digital Pincab Burnsville, MN, United States
Ben Logan Digital Pincab Chico, CA, United States
Ark Malmeida Digital Pincab Turners Falls, Montague, MA, United States 3 Screen Pincab with DOF.
Nemo Brunssum, Netherlands
Rothbauerw Desktop Pincab User St Louis Park, MN, United States Work Home and home of my development desktop.
Rothbauerw Digital Pincab Bloomer, WI, United States Weekend Home and home of my Pincab
DJRobX Digital Pincab Valencia, Santa Clarita, CA, United States Valencia, CA
bord Saint Louis, MO, United States Lighted controller box w/ Zeb's plunger/nudge. 2 monitors. Hybrid pincab/desktop
Breikers 50.96145417441552, 5.8282470703125
BlackSad Digital Pincab 47.214904274947116, -1.5672683715820312
V-Pin-Beast Digital Pincab 48.03889742268573,7.867662059204122 1 Vpincab, 1 Real Pin (PC 82), ! Arcarde CAB, a Defender Converteable -> Gauntlet, Beer, peanuts and Chips
Rappelbox Digital Pincab Osthoffstraße, Herzebrock-Clarholz, Germany PIN2DMD, Pinscape, 40" FullHD, 28" HD-ready Shaker, Knocker, Contactors, RGB Flasher, SmartLed
blackvulcan3 Earlville, Queensland, Australia Williams Widebody replica, ground up, 43/27/19 with Fallout decal.
blackvulcan3 Earlville, Queensland, Australia Williams Widebody replica, ground up, 43/27/19 with Fallout decal.
CHASER Digital Pincab Beach Drive, Pasadena, MD, United States VPCabs Mini Pin Breakshot Revenge from Mars Tales from the Crypt Multicade in a Midway cocktail
Pinball Arcade Digital Pincab -34.527094,-58.705720 Buenos Aires argentina, los polvorines Pinball Digital 3 pantallas 46 playfield, 28 backglass, 17 dmd
patrickfx Digital Pincab Avenue de Gênes, Candiac, QC, Canada
Digital Pincab Avenue de Gênes, Candiac, QC, Canada
jagger73 Digital Pincab 34.18647661123739, -84.17633414268494 Custom plans, 3 screener. DoFwith 3 sainsmarts, 20 toys in total . sidewinder tilt mech.
Benird's VPincab Digital Pincab Bald Hills, Queensland, Australia Just about done with it, my kids love it!
Optimus Pin Louisville, TN, United States VP 2000 cabinet design, with full toys and custom Transformers artwork, designed for my by Javier Reyes.
Les73gtx Digital Pincab 34 Captain's Way, Buxton, ME, United States 3 year old Full Toy 46" 32" 17" Vpin
allknowing2012 heidelberg,on
TerryRed Digital Pincab 361 Catherine Street, Pembroke, ON, Canada PinKadia: Pinball and Arcade combo cabinet.
Back to the pinball Digital Pincab 53.557849647177584, -2.1452951431274414
Agwood Digital Pincab 35.664932303352735, 139.70633268356323 Tokyo Japan
WED21 Digital Pincab Duluth, GA, United States Converted Time Warp into pincab!
17840 Sweetwater Springs Road, Guerneville, CA, United States
DStott Digital Pincab Ocala, Marion County, FL, United States Converted F-14 Tomcat Pincab
Pinball Paul Digital Pincab All Star Court, Kelowna, BC, Canada
RustyCardores Digital Pincab -27.933618943545717,153.23327264514165 Guanaba, Gold Coast Hinterland.
bdaley6509 Charlotte, NC, United States 1 PinCab, 1 MMR LE
Studio 53 lounge 52.26549486159229, 6.797691620886326 Pincab, arcadecab, bar, dj
mkl66 50.20688592065142,8.751651048660278 1 pincab
Vamprecords 53.101079526718784,6.865060329437256 Vamprecords Pincab, Flipper room.
Jodannar Digital Pincab -35.31985251984931, 149.11056518554688 Digital Pincab - DOF - RBG LEDS
Jbg4208 - Josh Digital Pincab 36.191993,-93.032012 Formerly a deskcab now a Mini pincab 24, 19, 10
BorgDog Desktop Pincab User,Digital Pincab Renton, WA, United States

Pinball Laundry Room - 1 Borglieb wedgehead vpincab, and 4 late 70s Gottlieb machines, washer and dryer :)

updon 47.23004859263815, -88.45590591430664 1 pincab standard body, 1 MAME arcade
freneticamnesic Digital Pincab 45.36926946973339,-122.75653123855585 Star Trek Standard Size virtual pinball cabinet
delta6014 4782 Tealtown Road, Milford, OH, United States 1 Pincab, 1 PacMan Mame, 1 Racing Sim cab
STAT (stefanaustria) 48.15,14.03

1 Pin Cab, 1 Arcade Cab, Beers

Walamab 34.59480320765039,-86.97862230241293 Walamab's Pin-Cab 3 Monitor setup (24" backglass, 43" playfield, and 19" Score/DMD) DoF enabled with 11 "cheap" contactors, fan, police becons (red and blue), and a no kidding Willams replay knocker. Pinscape Controller for buttons and Linear CCD plunger sensor.
ALDiode Digital Pincab Monmouth, ME, United States
alandee Digital Pincab -34.922191838355914,138.56112599372864 So far only the one home built vPin Cab, a 2nd wedgehead design EM only in the planning, along with a very old home built standup mame cab.
FT Digital Pincab Florida, United States
Jesperpark Digital Pincab Edmonton, AB, Canada Pincab, 1 Real Pinball (Triple Strike), Golden Tee
ICPjuggla Digital Pincab Williamsville, NY, United States Pincab, Baby Pac-Man, MAME cab and Big Buck Hunter Safari
Scotty! Digital Pincab Woodbury, MN, United States
Sliderpoint Digital Pincab 47.694706361873685,-117.25703716278076 1 Home built vcab, 1 pin
HauntFreaks Digital Pincab 40.04709867883167,-74.95322585105896
Randrcade Desktop Pincab User,Digital Pincab 45.194135217367354, -93.262939453125

Randr's Arcade/pinball collection

If your ever in Minnesota stop out!

  1. Author
    randr 2 years ago

    @scotty! your in woodbury? did i know that?

  2. HauntFreaks 2 years ago

    Randr your the man as always…. this came out great….

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  3. walamab 2 years ago

    Very cool addition! I like it. :good:

  4. Author
    randr 2 years ago

    Is cool but need a better name! vpin locator? I can add a name/logo to top of page but need a good name first dont like vpincab map

  5. STAT 2 years ago

    Better Name: “Guys who love their Balls” lol

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  6. Author
    randr 2 years ago

    Lol! Stat was thinking different direction! Lol

  7. Author
    randr 2 years ago

    Much better with photos!

  8. Chucky74 1 year ago

    Can anyone tell me how to alter my own placed marker with more comment or different photo ?

    • Author
      randr 11 months ago

      currently cannot edit a marker. just make another and i can remove old one

  9. TerryRed 8 months ago

    Now that I have moved to Gloucester (Ottawa), could you remove my old marker that’s in Pembroke?

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