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F14 Tomcat (Williams (1987) w/VR Room Updated: November 9, 2020

Who's ready to fly? Welcome to my VP10 F14-Tomcat table from Williams Pinball. This is a fast-paced Steve Ritchey pin from 1987. Its fast. Its furious. AND IT FIGHTS BACK! Special thanks to Ganjafarmer for allowing me to mod is already a great table. Also thanks to Cyberpez, rothbauerw, flupper, benji, brad1x, Iaakki and many others from the VP10 workshop. Please see the credits in the table script and thank these guys for their contributions. Lots of options: -Multiple VR rooms -Choose your color of GI lighting via RGB -Flasher domes intensity -Flipper bat style and color -Ball shields decals -F14 animated toy models -Custom back wall decals -Custom instruction...

Author: wrd1972
Austin Powers (Stern 2001) VPin Workshop Mod Updated: November 22, 2020

Austin Powers Table Tune-Up by members of VPin Workshop Discord. This was going to be just a fast rework for this fine table, but we ended up doing way more. Includes Desktop, Cab and VR versions in one VPX file as well as two POV files. nFozzy Physics: Benji, iaakki, Rothbauerw, Javier PF rework, graphics: iaakki, EBisLit, Tomate, Brad1x Inserts and lights: iaakki VR work & Various Fixes: Sixtoe Ramp plastics: Benji Fleep's Sound package integration: Benji 3D model changes: Benji, Tomate, Sixtoe Various script changes by iaakki, Javier Testing: people of VPin Workshop Discord, Rik Laubach We also included a new flipper trick with Rothbauerw to physics. It is...

Author: Vpin Workshop
Star God (Zaccaria 1980) Updated: November 25, 2020

VPX table by: Goldchicco & 32assassin vp9 table by: Ezepov Special Thanks to : 32assassin for helping me with this release and for sharing his passion, knowledge and time. Also built into the table is the JP Salas LUT selector. Hold down the LEFT MAGNASAVE and then press the RIGHT MAGNASAVE to cycle through the 10 different LUT brightnesses. LUT files thanks to Vogliadicane

Author: Goldchicco
Fog, The (Gottlieb 1979) Complete VPX Package Updated: November 24, 2020

Fog, The (Gottlieb 1979) PLEASE READ - IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS INCLUDED: This VPX is a re-skin / re-theme of BorgDog's Space Walk (Gottlieb 1979) table. If Gottlieb had made this table back in the day ... this is what it SHOULD have looked like - with some extra modern features. A couple weeks ago, my wife an I had our weekly "date night" and decided to watch John Carpenter's original The Fog (1980) on Blu-Ray after not have seeing it for many years. I had forgotten how good a movie it is. In 1980 it was labelled as a gorey horror movie by...

Author: HiRez00
F14 Tomcat (Williams (1987) w/VR Room


Scottywic Collection Wheel Image


Austin Powers (Stern 2001) VPin Workshop Mod


Star God (Zaccaria 1980)


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