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Cue Ball Wizard (Gottlieb 1992) Updated: November 28, 2020

Here is my heavy Mod of Cue Ball Wizard. For me it is still a WIP, so I'll keep up working on it, but at the moment I'm a bit tired of it and thought, it's in a good shape to release as v0.7. I have a thousand more ideas. maybe later. See changelog for details, what I did. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Change LUT (=lighting) with left and right Magna Save keys. Results are saved. Change look of upper acrylic playfield in script options (glass like, worn out, grunge) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Credits: I started with Bigus' version. Table history: JPSalas (VP9 version) -> Rascal (conversion to VPX) -> Bigus (BigusMod) -> My...

Author: vogliadicane
Drunken Santa Updated: November 29, 2020

Christmas is almost here! It was the 6th of november this year i got a message to make a table together with somebody. I send this person messages with all the information, but didn't got any reply back lol. I decided to postpone my other projects and started on the 10th of November on new x-mas table "Drunken Santa". 19 days later this is the result! First to all thanks to Davor Lipovac for using a sound from his Heineken table. Also my special thanks to stevegooner, because he is mister x-mas and provide all the nice x-mas tables in this...

Author: remdwaas1986
Corinthian Master Bagatelle Updated: November 28, 2020

My first VPX recreation Abbey Corinthian Master Bagatelle Built from the original game board Inspired by Ballyhoo by Warbler33

Author: J4miePlayer
Quijote (Juegos Populares 1987) Updated: October 15, 2020

VPX Conversion by: Goldchicco & 32assassin vp9 table by: mfuegemann Special Thanks to : 32assassin for helping me with this conversion and for sharing his passion, knowledge and time. This rare beauty was the last production made by Juegos Populares before the factory was closed down. A DIP switch menu allows the adjustment of number of balls and some other table features. At the top of the script You can change some settings: - choose between 4 apron designs, Quijote and Pimbal with both English and Spanish instruction cards - enable the apron match light animation (if You run the table without a B2S) The table rules a...

Author: Goldchicco
Star God(Zaccaria 1980)b2s


Cue Ball Wizard (Gottlieb 1992)


Drunken Santa


Corinthian Master Bagatelle


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