Base, Glossy and Clearcoat

Because there were some questions about the materials layers, I thought I would make a humble attempt at explaining how I think about the base, glossy and clearcoat layers when I am editing materials in a table.  I will preface this by saying everything I say here is based on my own experience and not […]

The Anatomy of a Playfield Redraw using GIMP

Tee’d Off Playfield Redraw. Given what I had to start with, I’m pretty happy with the result. Let me start off by telling you I’m not a graphic artist. Everything I’ve learned has been through trial and error and years of tinkering. I use GIMP because it is free. It probably isn’t the best tool […]


STAR WARS The first pictures of Stern Pinball’s new Star Wars game are revealed showing the three variants and the playfield layout, and we’ve got them right here. Go to Source Author:


MANUEL’S TAVERN It’s been described as “one of the best bars in the US” so naturally it has pinball machines, but M.G. Brown tells us what else makes Manuel’s Tavern such an enjoyable place to visit. Go to Source Author:

TMAP 2017

TMAP 2017 We pay our first visit to the Torneo Madrileño de Pinballs or TMAP tournament in the Spanish capital, with the Millonaria Pinball club on the south side of the city playing host. Go to Source Author:


DUTCH PINBALL MASTERS 2017 We’re back at the Dutch Pinball Association’s clubhouse in Veenendaal. With main, classic and team events taking place alongside a free-play area, there’s lots going on and we bring you all the action and results Go to Source Author:


MEGA PLAY Take a trip back to a time when family entertainment centres were in nearly every shopping mall, offering crazy golf alongside rows of pinballs and video games. Mega Play still offers all this as M.G. Brown reports. Go to Source Author:


PINBALLZ LAKE CREEK Not content with two locations in Austin, Texas, Pinballz opened a third just north of the Capitol and we have been there to see if the new branch lives up to its name. Go to Source Author: