PIN-'DUINO Using a micro-controller to spruce-up your pinball mods isn’t as difficult as it might first appear. Todd Andersen uses an Arduino to enhance his pinball add-on switch, opening the door to a world of modding possibilities. Go to Source Author:


AEROSMITH PINBALL REVEALED Stern officially announce that their next pinball will be based on the rock band Aerosmith. We have high-resolution pictures and details of the three models along with prices and much more. Go to Source Author:


KALAMAZOO ROUND-UP Chicago, New York, Seattle, San Francisco, Portland, Vancouver… pinball has a number of hotspots featuring high concentrations of public locations. M.G. Brown asks if Kalamazoo should be added to that list. Go to Source Author:


SHOOT THE MOON: PACIFIC PINBALL EXPO 2016 It’s been four years since the last Pacific Pinball Exposition and a lot has changed in the interim, but the PPE returns at the Pacific Pinball Museum’s new annex building, as pinball historian and author Gordon Hasse reports. Go to Source Author:


ROMANIAN PINBALL OPEN 2016 We’re paying our first visit to the home of Dracula and the Beraria H concert venue for the annual Romanian Pinball Open. Three tournaments over three days, live music, strong beer and great friends make it a fun weekend in Bucharest. Go to Source Author:


TIVOLI BOWL The Tivoli Bowl in Downers Grove, Illinois is not only a great place to knock down pins, it’s also not a bad place to play them, as M.G. Brown reports. Go to Source Author:

Happy Holiday's Everyone!

Happy Holiday's Everyone! Thank you all for another great year of serial number submissions… who would have thought that we could have collected 40,000 serial numbers in 10 years!!! (BTW… the site has been up for 10 years too)… Be safe and Cheers to you all!  Go to Source Author:

2016: A Most Disappointing Year for Pinball

2016: A Most Disappointing Year for Pinball A post on a recent local pinball discussion forum read: “It seems like it’s a good time to be a pinhead. People are taking delivery of TBL, Stern has Batman 66 coming out soon, and I just read that both JJP and Spooky will be unveiling their third […]

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2016: A Most Disappointing Year for Pinball


FONZIE'S NIP IT! Goodwill Industries of Southern California posted a Nip It pinball machine for sale they claim was owned by Henry Winkler.  Mr. Winkler’s iconic Happy Days character, The Fonz, was known to play a Nip It machine throughout the show’s run.  So theoretically, you could own Fonzie’s personal Nip It!  It doesn’t look […]

New Trait for Jacks to Open!

New Trait for Jacks to Open! Thanks to IPSND member Lenny Esposito, we have added a new trait to the Gottlieb/Mylstar game Jacks to Open to identify test units that featured an alpha-numeric display.  To read more about the test units, head over to the Jacks to Open page on the IPDB. Go to Source Author:

Marco Rossignoli's Pinball Histogram

Marco Rossignoli's Pinball Histogram Marco Rossignoli’s Pinball Histogram Event Date:  Thursday, August 18, 2016 – 17:00 to Sunday, November 6, 2016 – 17:00 Event Type:  Public Event Opening night of Thursday, August 18th marks the beginning of this new and exciting public art display. Come join us for the Opening night reveal that goes from […]

Sponsor for Solar Powered Mobile Pinball Parlor

Sponsor for Solar Powered Mobile Pinball Parlor The Lil Ju Ju is good anywhere, rain or shine! Seeking partner for solar powered Pinball Parlor 10 years ago, we rebuilt a 1947 Spartan Manor Travel Trailer into a mobile pinball parlor. It has self leveling hydraulic supports, 5 vintage pinball machines, a jukebox and air conditioning […]

2015 Pinball Machine of the Year

2015 Pinball Machine of the Year Doing a game of the year in past years seemed a bit silly as so few pinball machines were being made. But considering that there are now several companies working on producing pinball machines, it seems like the time has come. There were a number of really good pinball machines that were […]

2015 Pinball Machine of the Year