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    • Author: Joseph
    • Version: 1.8(10.6)
    • Views: 1309
    • File size: 75.85 MB
    • Downloads: 367
    • File Author: Joseph Gofton
    • IPDB link:: No
    • Updated: November 7, 2019
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  • 1. Press NumberPad 1 to Start the Game. 2. Launch the ball with the down arrow key. 3. Aim for the Targets and Enjoy.

    1. Put  TexasPoker1.8 Zip into - C: VisualPinBall /Tables

    2. UnZip File.

    3. Run the VPX 10.6 File.

    4. Enjoy!

    1.2 Changelog

    1. FullHouse : VPot(8) Array changed to VPot(1)

    2. Bumper and Spinner High Score Board code reduction.

    3. Q1EmHud FlushQueue and Q2EmHud FlushQueue for image text animations  repositioned.

    4. Hang E'M High Animation attitude revamped.

    1.3 Changelog

    1. Removal of undeclared dims

    2. Declaring undeclared dims

    1.4 Changelog

    1. All Scripts transferred to VisualPinballs  Script Editor.

    2. Another undeclared dim - declared

    3. Target and Spinner High Score delete feature aligned with the Save load file

    4. Balls Per Game increment dims aligned .

    5. Copy of TexasPoker_MainScript  put into  2_TexasPoker_PinBall_1.4 directory with QueueText_Reference.

    1.5 Changelog

    1.  Replaced StopSound "HangEmHigh5" with  HangEmHigh4

    2. In Q1EmHud_Jump_Into_Any_Position_EndofPlay_Taskworker()

    Replaced Q1EmHud_FlushQueue with Q1EmHud_All_Reels_FlushQueue_

    3.  In EndofBall_AwardBonusPoints_2()

    Removed  Q1EmHud_ZeroQueue, Q2EmHud_ZeroQueue and Q9Flash_ZeroQueue

    4.  Updated QueueText_Reference  and corrected some Queue Text Examples

    5.  Queue Text code engine modifications

    1.6 Changelog

    1.  All new Balls are now created by the same Queue Text driver

    2.  Score ranking feature added to the Slingshot_Hit()

    3.  More Self Study Notes and QueueText reference corrections

    1.7 Changelog

    1. More code corrections

    2. Placed MyDigit_4 Font in VPX font manager

    1.8 Changelog

    1.  The Spinner High Score Board Key N changed to P, which reflects the actual key command code

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      1. Press NumberPad 1 to Start the Game. 2. Launch the ball with the down arrow key. 3. Aim for the Targets and Enjoy.

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      VP DEVMember

      Oh wow, that looks interesting! Thanks!


      Looks cool. Looking forward to trying it out! Thank you!

      VP DEVMember

      One request already though: Could you please stuff the scripts, etc into a subfolder for the next update? Otherwise it’s just cluttering the table directory. Thanks!


      That’s insane man… I love it!


      Merci très sympa

      cependant on dirai que la bille a des ailettes

      est ce normal ?


      anyway to rotate for cabinet users?

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