Reply To: Darling Restoration


    Rotisserie Pinball, yum.


    This lets me get at both sides of the playfield easily so I can strip it down to just plywood.


    After pulling the pop bumpers, side rails, leaf switches, roll over switches, kickers, flippers, rail system and ball trough I now have a fully striped playfield to start working on.


    It’s on its side because the side rails have been removed and the playfield plywood is only about 1/2 thick so I don’t want to chance any warpage.  I’ll mount some reinforceing strips along the sides once I get going on to cleaning.  This time I’ve going to try a heat gun on the mylar around the pop bumpers.  On tropic Fun I worked it off without heat and it lifted some paint that I had to fix.  I’m not crazy about having to fix 45 year old florescent paint since making a color match will be difficult at best.

    I’ll do a scan after I clean it up for BorgDog and then I’ll rescan it after refinishing it so he can have a “barn find” and “mint” set of graphics to work from.


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