Reply To: Attack_From_Mars_Dozer_cp-mod

The Loafer

    So let me tell you the two main reasons why I love this release so much:


    1 – The multiple different modded look to the tables that are so seamlessly available via the left magna-save is unseen in VP history. This isn’t just a cool thing, it also give this table immense character.  Aside from excellent playability, the many graphics look this table has also shows an embrace of what VP is which is digital pinball.  I want them to play realistic and I want them to look realistic but it’s also perfectly ok to go wild out there, especially when done like this.

    2 – one flip to the “stroke of luck” scoop will convince everyone why this is so awesome.  Actually let me correct myself, one MISS of the stroke of luck scoop.  The realistic jump on that shot AND THE FACT the shot is now harder to pull off for all the right reason (it’s not being sucked into the scoop) feels real to the nth degree.  Once you experience that shot, and then the rest of the physics and then you are just sold on the experience

    We are lucky to count on multiple excellent interpretations of AFM and this is certainly worthy of playing


    Thanks for this release, sincerely stated!


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